101 Things in 1,001 Days

December 20, 2015 (Sunday) - September 16, 2018 (Sunday)

If you're wondering why I made this list or want some guidelines to make your own, here's the post you're looking for. I'll also write about each item as I complete it, mostly for my own memory, but feel free to click on the link of any completed Thing to follow along. Finally, if you decide to start your own list, tell us in the comments of the original guideline post so we can take part!

This is gonna be fun.

  1. Own a record player and at least one record. I always thought this was such a hipster thing (even though it kind of is), but then I heard a friend play a James Taylor record in her living room and have been wanting that experience ever since.
  2. Run a 5K. I ran one a few years ago, and even though I sincerely enjoy running, getting in a routine is hard unless I have a race to aim for.
  3. Take a hand lettering course. Because all those swirly hand-lettered things are just way too pretty to not try myself.
  4. Visit Nashville. One of my favorite cities, and I've only spent 24 hours there.
  5. Start and finish The Good Wife, Vikings, The Man in the High Castle, and Veep. My television queue is so huge, I need to set specific show goals or I'll drown.
  6. Rewatch L O S T. Obviously. It must be done.
  7. Read 60 books. I forget how much I love reading until I get in a rhythm. Having a number to shoot for gives me one.  (Completed: 1 - The Lake House, 2 - Wild, 3 - All the Light We Cannot See, 4 - Ignore Everybody, 5 - Rework, 6 - Originals, 7 - Deep Work, 8 - The Nightingale), 9-60
  8. Plant one thing I can eat that's not an herb. I can do this. I can totally do this. (I kill everything.)
  9. Get someone to teach me how to do Normal Person makeup. I don't need all of this contouring and smokey eye stuff. Just... regular ol' makeup for a regular ol' day. (Check! HiGlow!)
  10. Make a coconut cake. It's my husband's favorite and also one of the most time-consuming cakes to make. I'll make it worth it by putting it on the list. You're welcome, honey.
  11. Write five memoir stories. Yes, I'm only 34, but I've lived a lot of life in that short time. This is a side project that makes me oddly excited.
  12. Make my own iced coffee. It's one of my favorite drinks and apparently it's not hard to do the right way at home. 
  13. Make 30 new dinner recipes. We rotate a dozen standbys, and I rarely add something new since my boys complain like crazy people. But who cares. They'll deal. 
  14. Rewatch The Lord of the Rings trilogy in a relatively short time. I spent the last few weeks watching/listening to the appendices DVDs while I baked, and now that I know how every sound, shot, and special effect was created, I want to enjoy the movies again like whoa.
  15. Go on a photo walk downtown. The only way to get better at photography is to keep taking pictures. My little corner of the world has been running dry though, so I want to take my real camera downtown and take pictures on purpose.
  16. Get a real massage. I've never had one. I know, right?
  17. Eat at 10 new restaurants in town. We have our favorites, but there are so many new ones to add to the list. (For my local friends: 1 - Nazareth Bread Company | the tabouli is fantastic; 2 - 1618 Downton | great semi-fancy hangout spot that won't break the bank)
  18. Take Annie on a hike. I used to love strapping Sam or Ben to my back and hiking for an hour or two. I don't want to miss out on doing that with Annie when she joins our family.
  19. Do something with Sam and Ben individually once a month or so, especially when Ben starts kindergarten. Our family loves being together as a unit, but ever since my oldest started elementary school, I sense his desire to do things with just me or his dad. It's a new routine we'd love to learn.
  20. Make myself 10 stupid awesome t-shirts. I wear fangirl shirts on the regular, and it's time for some new ones. 
  21. Read back through my bullet journals each December. One of the best things about the bullet journal is having a succinct look back at your year... but only if you actually look at it.
  22. Start kickboxing again. I got into kickboxing a few months before I got pregnant and LOVED IT OHMYWORD. I had to stop as the baby grew, but I want to give myself the gift of getting back into it again. Move the way you love to move, y'all.
  23. Host a "favorite things" party. Have you ever seen these? Everyone brings enough of their favorite thing to share with everyone else? Seems like a rad time.
  24. (Check!) Make a craft house weekend happen. Have you seen Meg's Craft House? Yeah, we all want to go.
  25. Use my real camera once a month. I love my phone, but I have a great camera. That I always forget to use.
  26. Knit a blanket. For Annie because she'll be tiny and will only need a tiny blanket. I'm not crazy.
  27. Get a manicure. I got one before my wedding and one before my sister's wedding. That is not enough manicures.
  28. Take a photo of Annie every day for the first year of her life. Babies are still and easier to take pictures of. Plus she'll probably be baller cute.
  29. Host a second Sugar Box pop-up shop. I loved doing one this past December, and I learned a lot about how to do the next one better. Can't wait for next Christmas!
  30. Participate in a bar trivia night. I've never done it, but I'm pretty sure I would majorly dig it. A friend recently invited me, and I hope to take him up on it in the next 1,001 days. 
  31. Ask 15 friends their favorite book and read them all. What a beautiful way to learn about your people.
  32. Have someone over for dinner once a month. We kind of do this already, but making it a goal helps me be intentional about not missing families we always say "we need to get together for dinner!" and then never do.
  33. Take a weekend trip with Kaz. Some of you are awesome at this; we are not. Mostly because we just love being home. Adding a new baby to the family will keep us on our toes to spend time with just each other. Let's make it a thing.
  34. Watch the Marvel movies in chronological order. Yep. This is important.
  35. See a movie at The Carolina Theater. We have a beautiful performance theater downtown that occasionally shows old movies. I've never been which is 100% ridiculous. (Check! Saw To Catch a Thief with my seeester.)
  36. Try rock climbing. I've always wanted to do that and kickboxing but thought I was too weak. Well, that may be true, but I finally tried kickboxing and found my favorite way to exercise EVER. Who's to say rock climbing won't turn out great, too?
  37. Take the kids to see Chris fly his plane. My brother-in-law is uber cool - flies planes, rides motorcycles, and restores cars. He's offered to let us tag along when he's flying one weekend, and we never have. We will. 
  38. Make homemade pasta. I've made it a number of times, and even though it's not the hardest thing to do in your kitchen, it's certainly not easy when you've got little ones running all over. But Kaz and I love it like crazy, and I want to enjoy it again.
  39. Host or participate in a book club. I love to read, I love wine, and I love my friends. Why have I never done this?
  40. Host a board game tournament party. YESSSS.
  41. Ride a train somewhere. Alone, with the family, whatever. I've just always wanted to ride a train. Maybe I'll meet Cary Grant hiding in a compartment can I get an amen?
  42. Purge iPhoto. Oh, it's such a mess but full of memories I love to relive. Let's organize that puppy so I can enjoy it.
  43. Paint the outside of the house, and build a new porch. This has to be saved for and planned out, and it'll be worth every penny and minute.
  44. Get a trampoline for the backyard. The boys are obsessed, and I've never heard any of our trampoline-ing friends regret it. It's time.
  45. Get our family's photo taken by one of our many talented friends. It takes a lot of effort to get everyone dressed and fed in time to make Golden Hour, but documenting our lives via beautiful black and white photos is basically a rite of passage. Slash we legit know half a dozen amazing photographers. It's a no-brainer.
  46. Rig up an outdoor movie night. I'm sure I know someone with a projector, right? Hitchcock and popcorn under the stars, please.
  47. Create a Lazy Genius product or service. One of these days, I want to help you guys be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't in a super tangible, life-changing way. Gotta get my mind grapes going on that one.
  48. Do 40 pushups in a row. Just like the 5k, I'm not going to set a goal to "do pushups every other day" or "get stronger arms." Concrete goals. Because I oddly love pushups. (I know, it's weird.)
  49. Take the kids strawberry picking. We buy from our favorite farm every summer, but we've never actually picked them ourselves. Such an oversight.
  50. Reread The Wingfeather SagaOne of my favorite series of books ever! They need my attention again. 
  51. Reread Harry Potter. Obviously. You've read them, right? Because COME ON.
  52. Kayak. My parents have a couple and live on a lake. I've always been terrified to get in a tiny boat alone, but I think I'd actually like it if I just tried.
  53. Writes haikus for another show. I once wrote a haiku for every episode of L O S T, and it was one my favorite things I've ever done. Some friends once read them and suggested I do other shows. Okay, I will!
  54. Fly a kite. Our kids think it's magic, yet we don't own one and have never done it ourselves.
  55. Take the boys bowling. They've been asking for a few months now, and I think we should give it a shot.
  56. Make Annie a dollhouse. I've long adored the many kinds on Pinterest but never had a daughter who might like one. Now I will. A dollhouse we will have.
  57. Paint another watercolor to hang in the house. I'm a novice watercolor artist (I use the word artist veeery loosely), but every 20 paintings, something turns out cool. Time to keep painting.
  58. Make mason jar lid pie. Have you seen this? Where you bake a tiny pie in the lid of a mason jar? My blood runs pie, so this has to be done.
  59. Invest in new cloth napkins. We use cloth napkins for everything, but they're mismatched and weird... and not in a cute, kitschy way. Time to research and wait and find new ones I really love. 
  60. Make paint-dipped glass jars. I'm obsessed with these, and since I already store most everything in glass jars, it's just a matter of doing it.
  61. Play Bingo at a lodge. I adore Bingo but have never played in a beige all-purpose room with a bunch of people over 60. This must change.
  62. Buy a fig leaf plant for the house. Is that what they're called? Those deep green giant-leaf trees in every magazine shoot? There's a reason; they're BEAUTIFUL, and I want one.
  63. Make a wreath every Christmas. I made one from this Lazy Genius tutorial, and I was surprised at how much joy the process brought me, not to mention having it hanging on my wall for a month. This must be a regular thing.
  64. Host a Friendsgiving. We're always in town for Thanksgiving but never get to host since our mamas are both around. And we love our friends so much. Hosting a Friendsgiving seems right up our alley.
  65. Do a big puzzle. I love puzzles, but I never do them.
  66. Collaborate on something business-y with someone. I have some brilliant and generous friends in the online world, and I would love to do something with one or more of them in the next couple of years. 
  67. Go with Kaz to a food truck festival. Our kids are not as cool as your kids; they make food truck festivals feel like a trip to the dentist. Which is why on one of these 1,001 days, you'll find our kids hanging out with someone else while we eat our way through a line of trucks.
  68. Complete a 30-day yoga challenge. I love yoga but have rarely gotten into a rhythm where it becomes part of my regular life. Perhaps participating in a 30-day challenge where each session is less than ten minutes is the lazy genius way to make that happen. Slash I'm getting old and creak a lot more than I used to hashtag stretch it.
  69. Set up an office space. I have a desk in our living room, but my kids steal it when they need to set up another train track. We're in the process of an addition to make room for surprise Baby Annie, and I want to make myself a little writing space that's just mine.
  70. Name the cool tree. We have this wacky shaped tree in our backyard that's just baller. And it needs a name. This a family task to complete, and I can't wait.
  71. Visit Asheville. It's always been a pass-through on my way to somewhere else, but it's such a great town that I want to spend at least 48 hours in.
  72. Do a weekend lake trip with the family. We tried hanging out at the lake last summer but didn't actually have fun until we figured out that we all needed to wear life jackets and just float by the dock. Once we did that? Game changer. I want us to try again.
  73. Buy myself flowers at least a dozen times. Everyone from your next door neighbor to Oprah says to fill your home with fresh flowers. And I never do it.
  74. Get new running shoes. It feels like a splurge because I'm the only one who wears them and I need them to do something just for me, but screw it. Life's too short to feel guilty for doing things for yourself.
  75. Go to a sports event with Kaz. We have the Carolina Tarheels (my team), the Duke Blue Devils (his team... ew), the Carolina Panthers, the Charlotte Hornets, and could even take a reasonable road trip to Atlanta to see the Braves. We adore sports. There's no reason we shouldn't go see a team play live.
  76. Own a pair of cowboy boots. It's my right as a woman. 
  77. Make a list of things that make me happy, and try and do one every day. Notice I said try. But there are so many things we all find great joy in doing but often don't do them. I want to be intentional about being kind to myself.
  78. Host some kind of exchange - clothes, books, home stuff, etc. Buying new stuff seems unnecessary when my friends have beautiful things they're looking to share. 
  79. Go on a bike ride. I have a used-to-be beautiful blue cruiser in the garage that needs some work, and I'm letting the work keep me from the riding. 
  80. Invite friends over for a hot pot night. My husband is Japanese and comes from a beautiful tradition of communal hot pot meals. They take some planning, but they're so worth it.
  81. Bake 30 desserts from my cookbooks. I have so many cookbooks, and I LOVE them. But I just look at them like they're magazines rather than actually baking from them. (Completed: 1 - blueberry corn muffins, 2 - yeasted waffles // spoiler alert, they were gross, 3 - mint chocolate chip ice cream, 4 - chocolate peanut butter ice cream // my own twist on #3, and it was baller)
  82. Paint a piece of furniture. There are so many cool ways to transform furniture, and I want to take the time to maybe mess one up and try anyway.
  83. Make art for the wall that's not watercolor. There are too many beautiful options and I love my walls too much to not keep making things.
  84. Buy something at Anthropologie just because. I mean, who does that?
  85. Take Annie for a run in a jogging stroller. I like to run but have always been afraid of running on trails with a stroller. I'm weird and just need to do it oh my gosh. 
  86. Go see a movie by myself at least once every six months. This is one of my favorite things to do ever, and I never do it. I'm sensing a pattern here. 
  87. Buy a new snack for myself every time I take a trip to Trader Joe's. Our TJ's is in another town, so we only go occasionally to stock up on staples. I pass all the beautiful and presumably delicious snacks as I fill my cart with pasta and olive oil. No more. It's four bucks, people. I mean, come on. (Tried: thin meyer lemon cookies which I crumbled over vanilla ice cream and topped with a dollop of homemade blueberry preserves YES, PLEASE)
  88. Make bread once a week for three months. I've made bread before and love having it as part of our life rhythm. It's been awhile since it's been that way though, so I want to bring it back.
  89. Grill pizza. We have pizza every week, and Kaz has asked so many times if we can grill it sometime. I always answer, "Can we do it next time?" and there's never been a next time.
  90. Find three new non-game apps. There are literally a bazillion apps out there, but I get overwhelmed and never explore. How might my life be better if I took the time to find some new ones that could change my life?
  91. Try a freezer crockpot meal. Apparently you can put a bunch of uncooked stuff in a freezer bag and then dump it in a crockpot to make dinner. That's basically magic. 
  92. Go on a writing retreat. Solo, with a writing friend, whatever. Sometimes I need a long runway to find a writing rhythm, and I want to make that a priority in the coming years.
  93. Complete a book of crosswords. Guess what I'm going to say. I love crosswords but never do them. Shocker.
  94. Take the kids to the fire station. We have a firefighter friend who's offered several times for us to visit him at the station. It would BLOW MY KIDS' MINDS. 
  95. Take Sam and maybe Ben to the Air and Space Musuem in DC. It's a little boy's wonderland, plus we have family just outside of the city. This needs to happen.
  96. Take the boys to a local air show. Boys love planes, and we have air shows every year close to our town. It's time to go.
  97. Go out for a girls' night every quarter. I love my friends, and I have some good ones. But usually when we hang out, it's with our families. Which is great. But doing something with just the girls needs to be a regular thing.
  98. Get real head shots made. Ugh, that's such a gross term, right? But this site is my business, and head shots are a real business thing I need to just man up and do. Plus, if I schedule them after I learn how to put on makeup (#9) and buy something at Anthropologie (#84), it might actually be fun!
  99. Visit Duke Chapel and Duke Gardens. My husband went to Duke and naturally has fond memories. We haven't been on campus in over ten years. It's only an hour drive, so it's just messed up that it hasn't happened yet. 
  100. Attempt a family friend vacation. Some of you guys do this on the regular - go on a vacation with another family or two. We've never done it, even though we probably could. I say attempt because there are so many factors at play, but it's worth exploring. 
  101. Document each of the 101 Things to make them real and to remember. And that's what's happening here on the 101 things blog. You can click on individual items to get their report or just scroll through the whole thing.