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#14: Watch Lord of the Rings

It took me four days, but thanks to a husband home for Christmas and children entertained with new toys, I watched all three enormous Lord of the Rings movies. Of course I've seen them all numerous times but never in a row like some lazy hobbit with all the time in the world. Here's what I learned.

The Five Things I Learned During My LOTR Marathon

1. Aragorn is ridiculously hot.

I know it. You know it. Everyone knows it. But you forget how much you know it when you're staring at the man for ten hours. IT'S NOT A TERRIBLE WAY TO SPEND TEN HOURS.

2. Return of the King is my favorite of the three.

I've always said my favorite was The Two Towers, and I think that's because the Rohan theme made me cry every time I heard it. But the final installment made me cry and cheer and gasp more than the other two combined. 

3. Orlando Bloom was a nobody before he was Legolas.

He got, like, tenth billing. Behind John Rhys-Davies for the three of you who know who John Rhys-Davies is. Hilarious.

4. Apparently I fist-pump the air during epic battle scenes.

Literally punched the air above my head and screamed "Yeeeeah!" when a hero slayed a villain, Gandalf whacked someone with his staff, or Legolas took down a giant elephant alone. My adrenaline is pumping now just thinking about it.

5. Aragorn is ridiculously hot.


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