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#7: All the Light We Cannot See

Beautifully epic. Heartbreakingly human. Artistically told. My default book uses an economy of words and not a lot of description, but Anthony Doerr blew me away with his writing. I never knew the description of how a radio works could sound so romantic.

All the Light We Cannot See is an intricately woven story about a blind French girl and a brilliant German boy during World War II. It's a fascinating and grounded view of war, and seeing it from the perspective of children is beautiful and broken and makes me want to protect every little kid from every bad thing ever. In case you're not into historical fiction or war stories, neither am I. And this book doesn't feel like your typical historical fiction. It's about people, and those stories are my favorite. Highly recommend this one.

#1: Own a Record Player

#7: Wild