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#7: The Lake House


I love Kate Morton, but her latest book The Lake House was my favorite. 

If you've never read Kate Morton, you should know that it takes a little legwork in the beginning. Her writing is beautiful and descriptive, but she alternates between different timelines, making it a little tricky to keep the people, historical context, and plot points straight in your mind. Thankfully, she creates rich characters and memorable storylines, so it's not long before you know exactly what's happening without having to flip back every now and then. 

Wondering if Kate is for you? Her stories are full of mystery and plot twists without being grisly, the writing is detailed and beautiful without being overwrought, and the historical storylines are believable and fresh without being boring, i.e. you, your mom, and your sweet old lady neighbor will all love Kate Morton books. Perfect for book clubs.  

Have you read it?

This is the first book I've read out of 60 for the next 1,001 days


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