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#7: Wild

First, fantastic book cover. All the awards for that one.

Second, Cheryl wrote about all the terrible things that happened to her while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail - things like bursting blisters, skin that chafed so much it turned hard, literally starving, literally almost dying of dehydration, almost stepping on more than one rattlesnake, and being chased by a moose. That doesn't include the regular sleeping outside bit and the carrying Your Life on your back for 18 miles a day. 

And I still kind of want to go on an epic hike anyway. That's the sign of a great storyteller. 

P.S. I will never do such a thing. The day I finished the book, I watched the movie. It was fine but not nearly as good as the book. And I say that in my least "the book is always better than the movie" voice. The movie just couldn't capture the experience the same way. However, actually seeing Reese Witherspoon out in the wilderness with her janky toes and actual snakes, I decided to stop being a crazy person and stay in my air conditioned house that will never contain anything called "tuna jerky."

Definitely recommend this one. A surprisingly fun read for being about something so terrible.

#7: All the Light We Cannot See

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