I'm Kendra, and I'm here to help you be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don't. Welcome to your people.

One Year To Go!

I've learned something important about this process: without a regular reminder and easy way to track what I'm doing, they don't get done. I'm not upset about that, but it's the way it is. I can write goals in my Bullet Journal or blog about them here, but if they're not in a daily spread or somewhere I actively see, it doesn't work so well. 

Moving on...

Update on the list!

#3 - Take a hand-lettering course.

I didn't take a course, but I bought a book. Creative Lettering and Beyond by Gabri Joy Kirkandell. It had great exercises and ideas, but ultimately I realized that wanting to be good at hand-lettering was more about feeling artistic and appearing cool more than actually wanting to learn a skill. That's just real talk. So I have found a few ways to make my writing more fun if I want to label or title something, but otherwise, I'm sticking to my regular script. No need to be impressive.

#6 - Rewatch LOST.

I watched the first season for Show Club in the summer of 2016, and it was SO FUN. But as much as I adore the show, I can't watch the entire thing or fully fulfill the commitment. I don't get to watch much TV anymore, and I have to sacrifice the time I'd watch it in order to watch new things that Kaz and I are both excited about or to do work in the little free time I have. The first season was enough of a taste though, and now I'll just watch random favorite episodes when the mood strikes. I'm great with that arrangement. 

#13 - Make 30 new dinner recipes.

I'm pretty sure it's not 30, but putting restrictions on how I make dinner doesn't help me survive feeding little kids. I've made probably close to 20 in the last year if not more, but I'm in a good rhythm of consulting cookbooks about one week out of every four. Again, super happy with that arrangement.

#17 - Eat at 10 restaurants in town.

3. Cugino Forno has the best pizza in town. I can't believe I can't remember any other new restaurants we've tried or if we've even tried any at all. We like our favorites, man.

#22 - Start kickboxing again.

I went back! It was fantastic. But it was hard to make work with the class times and bed times. I was either missing dinner twice a week or putting the kids to bed twice a week. I'm all for doing things for myself, but it wasn't as fulfilling for any of us with my being gone at such special family times on a regular basis. I did it for a couple of months, loved it, and look forward to finding a gym with a better class schedule or starting again when my family doesn't require me so much at night.

#28 - Take a photo of Annie for the first year of her life.


#45 - Get our family photo taken.

Also done. Ohmygosh I love these people.

#57 - Create a new watercolor to hang or give away.

I painted something for a friend that might not be anywhere but the trash can, but it was fun to make something on purpose.

#62 - Buy a fiddle fig tree for the house.

She's BEAUTIFUL. And still alive!

#77 - Make a list of things that make me happy and try and do one every day.

This was forcing myself to basically be a grownup and not make crappy decisions all the time. Simple things like yoga and tea make me happy, but so do working hard and eating cookie dough. I don't need to systemize happiness. That one was a mistake.

#80 - Have a hot pot night.

When I had my annual girls' weekend with Emily, Myq, and Caroline, we had hot pot, and it was magical. Such a simple meal with the most lovely payoff. They mention it often.

#81 - Make 30 dessert recipes from my cookbooks.

I stopped keeping track, but I guarantee it's more than 30. It's funny to think that baking wouldn't show up in my life.

#85 - Take Annie on a run in the jogging stroller.

I never did this, and now the jogging stroller is no more. Oh well. I don't need to be a mom who can run with her baby because I'm pretty sure that was a tiny secret motivation.

#97 - Have a quarterly girls night.

Ever since we joined our church community group, girls' nights have not been as pressing. In fact, they never are as much as I think they should be. I love my friends, I see a lot of them every weekend at church, and I feel connected to them. If a girls' night happens, awesome, but I'd rather focus on making other things happen.

#7: Read All the Books