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10 Things the Gilmore Girls Can Teach Us About Food

10 Things the Gilmore Girls Can Teach Us About Food

It's official. Like, officially official. The Gilmore Girls are coming back to our TVs! They started filming this week (table reads have already happened), and eventually we'll get four 90-minute episodes, each happening over the course of a season (we'll start with "Winter"). So the entire sixth season will follow one calendar year... THE BEST CALENDAR YEAR OF OUR LIVES. 

If you've never watched Gilmore Girls, you are still loved (mostly) and you have plenty of time to catch up. Yes, the first few episodes can be a bit tough to digest depending on your television sensibilities, but I promise waiting for the stride is worth it. 

So in celebration of the officially official announcement, let's learn a thing or two from our favorite mother-daughter duo. 

1. Having food = having friends.

Lorelai's "Make Friends Your First Night in the Dorm" game is on point. You order takeout from everywhere, rank the hotness of the delivery boys, and turn it into a chart like a beautiful genius. Granted, we all don't have wads of cash to spend on friend-bait food (Lorelai didn't either, but we won't begrudge the writers an awesome storyline). Still, you can't fight the truth that food brings people together. 

2. The best boyfriends regularly feed you.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, a good boyfriend accommodates the need for food without complaint. Kaz once picked me up for a date with a candy bar at the ready. There's no question why I married him.

3. When you watch a movie, food is half the equation.

Sitting down to watch something shouldn't always be a tired default. Sometimes, it can be really special. Never shy away from the fanfare, and make it an experience. Gobs and gobs of food is the answer.

4. Skip fancy first dates.


We were so excited when Sookie and Jackson went on their first date, but then it was to a fancy French restaurant with swan-shaped butter on the table. Let's quietly back away.

First dates should be easy and low pressure despite what The Bachelor has told us. If your first date involves a helicopter, a personal Kenny Chesney concert, or butter swans, run. The guy is more interested in impressing you than getting to know you.

Also, avoid dates with guys named Rune.

5. Naming food isn't weird.

Do you name stuff in your kitchen? Because I promise you're not insane. If Sookie can do it, the freedom is ours. My mixers are named Betsy and Fassy. When I cream butter and sugar, I encourage them like they're my kids on field day. I once threw a party where I made nine different carrot cakes and assigned them all personalities. Thank you, Sookie, for making us look a little less crazy.

6. Food is better than exercise.

Just be real about it. Exercise if you want, but don't you dare pretend that you like it more than you like a brownie or a Cumbercookie. Because we all know you're lying.

7. A breakup isn't a breakup until you eat the world.

If we needed a class on eating your feelings, the Gilmore Girls would be Professors Emeritus. They know how to drown their sorrows in ice cream and Chinese food like no one on TV before them. Emotional gets a bad rap, but sometimes it's the only cure.

8. Food traditions can be a pain.

If your tradition is more about obligation than togetherness, it's a tradition worth breaking... unless, of course, you're repaying a financial gift in the form of social obligations to an overwrought Talbots-wearing mother, then you might have to just stick it out.

Also, I will never understand how Lorelai and Rory furnished such a saturated Friday Night Dinner wardrobe. It wasn't until recently that I bought my third dress. That means I only had two for a solid five years. Emily Gilmore would never have stood for two rotating dresses. I would've been kicked out of the family immediately.

9. Find your local spots.

Wouldn't we all want to spend every day having breakfast at Luke's? Having a place to go, a place that isn't Applebee's or Red Lobster, is one of the overlooked joys of life. Find a handful of local spots that you love, and go to them as often as you can. 

10. Jess is everything.

I'm sorry what were we talking about?

Who's your favorite Gilmore Girls character? (Don't say Dean, don't say Dean, don't say Dean...)

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