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Monday Morning's Magic Question

Monday Morning's Magic Question

Most Monday mornings suck. 

It's a free fall, an immediate and jolting reentry into Capital L life, complete with bitter coffee, keys that disappear, and kids who suddenly have to poop as you're rushing out the door.

The solutions to such madness are a dime a dozen, but the house is too dirty to find a stupid dime.

I've tried to conquer my morning the way others do. Gwyneth Paltrow does two hours of personal training with Tracy Anderson every morning? Let's buy some gold-plated resistance bands. Heidi Klum drinks two cups of lukewarm water right after she wakes up? I'll do it and then literally vomit a little because no stomach should endure such torture before the sun comes up. That beloved blogger does morning pages, your husband goes for a run, other moms make lunches the night before... everyone has it figured out but you. 

Lies. But sometimes that doesn't even matter. If your truth is that mornings, especially Monday mornings, are hard, they will be. You'll look for proof... and be angry about it.

So let's flip the script. 

Face the anger head on by asking yourself this question:
What makes me angry? 

Hear me out. Figure out one thing that makes you angry on a Monday morning, and find a solution. Just one thing. And just one solution. 

Trying to fix everything results in fixing nothing, so start small. Start with one thing. And find that one thing by identifying what makes you want to burn down the world. 

If you can stop the first domino from falling, maybe they'll all stay up. 

My first domino is getting into the kitchen late. Breakfast, packing lunches, making coffee... it all goes into angry hyperdrive if I'm not in the kitchen by 6:30am. Even if I make lunches the night before, I still feel it if I'm late. 

My solution to not being late? I never shower on Monday mornings. I get up at the same time - brush my teeth, try and look like a person, spray in a little dry shampoo - but I automatically add 15 minutes of margin by not showering on Mondays ever. And I'm never late into the kitchen. 

It helps. Sometimes other dominoes fall, but it takes them longer because that first one is glued to the floor. 

Now, I'm not saying you skip your Monday shower. That's why drinking Heidi's water doesn't work either. Other people's solutions can't always be yours because the frustrations aren't the same. You have to find your own.

So ask yourself the one thing that gets you angry, and find a solution for that one thing. Nothing more. Being a genius about that one thing will help you be lazy about the rest.

What makes Monday mornings hard for you? Maybe we can help you find a solution!

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