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5 Things to Celebrate on a Friday

5 Things to Celebrate on a Friday

1. Sookie in Stars Hollow

It's been breaking my heart for awhile that Melissa McCarthy wasn't on the cast list for the Gilmore Girls reboot. Remake? Revisiting? Renewal? Anyway, they're coming back, and Melissa announced yesterday that she is, too. So pumped. Lorelai without Sookie is peanut butter without chocolate and/or jelly. Fine, but not nearly as good. Also here are 10 things the Gilmore Girls can teach us about food. 

2. The American Idol Finale

Did you watch yet? Skip to number three if you don't want to know the winner. I couldn't believe how much fun I had watching all of these old contestants come out of the woodwork. Favorite moments? Jennifer Hudson slayed. Jessica Sanchez was ridiculously good. Kelly Clarkson is a wizard being able to stand for that long, let alone sing, when she's so pregnant. And of course the winner. La'Porsha and Trent have been my two favorites since the beginning, but I, like the rest of America, was waiting for the obvious winner. When Trent won? Wow. Here's my take: La'Porsha had her best performance with "No More Drama" when it was the top five. Trent's was "Chandelier" on the final night of voting. He grew more, surprised us, and got the vote surge. Best final two since Justin and Kelly.

3. Carrie Underwood's Body

She had a baby 14 months ago. Let's not talk about it. Her legs? The eighth wonder of the world. I couldn't stop looking at them. Poor Keith. Don't ever share the stage with a beautiful blond made of muscle and sequins.

4. The Spotify Discover Weekly Playlist

Every Monday, Spotify gives you your own personalized playlist of recommended songs based on your listening history. Not everything is a hit, but so much of it is. It's a great reason to celebrate Mondays. On a Friday.

5. New Netflix Movies

Recently added titles include The Holiday with Jude Law and all of his blue sweater glory, August: Osage County with Benedict Cumberbatch breaking our hearts and Julia Roberts wearing no makeup, The Princess Bride in its storytelling perfection, and Becoming Jane with the perfect James McAvoy despite the unfortunate Anne Hathaway. 

I wish I had a #6 of a new baby, but alas, that celebration will have to wait. I'M SO TIRED OF BEING PREGNANT OH MY WORD. I promise we'll eventually stop talking about it because I'm getting on my own nerves. Your patience is noticed and appreciated. 

Have a great weekend, friends!

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