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All Shall Be Well

All Shall Be Well

"Enough small things by enough people coalesce into the next big thing." - Seth Godin

What do I tell my kids in the morning?

It's been on my mind for hours, and as I sit here in the early morning dark, I have one small answer. 

Love people right where you are. 

This divide feels insurmountable. The future is so uncertain. People are terrified while others are relieved. But no matter who you are or how you feel, we all deserve love. 

I want my children to believe that love is enough, that seeing everyone as valuable and equally human is more important than getting good grades or getting into a good college. Compassion, empathy, and kindness are the lessons I hope for these small people, and they will have many opportunities over the next few years to see that practiced. 

I want to be that example to my boys and my baby girl that loving in the small spaces can lead to big change. Love the racist. Love the refugee. Love the marginalized. Love the powerful. Love the people who are different than you in belief and creed, in how they look and who they choose. 

The greatest of these is love. 

It's not all we have, but it's the only place to start. 

Start small. Love big. Stick together. All shall be well.

P.S. If you voted for Trump, if you voted third party, if you didn't vote at all, you had that right. I respect that right and you for exercising it. Please know that a vote that's different than mine is in no way vilified. 

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