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10 Ways to Beast Your Monday

10 Ways to Beast Your Monday

Photo source: Death to the Stock Photo

Photo source: Death to the Stock Photo

Because sometimes Monday feels like climbing a mountain.

1. Have a uniform. 

Deciding what to wear is comically hard, but doing it on a Monday morning is like being asked to cook Thanksgiving blindfolded. The solution? Have a Monday uniform. Choose one that makes you feel good whatever that means for you. 

Mine is black jeans, a chambray shirt (no idea how to say chambray), and shoes that match the weather. Every. Single. Monday. 

2. Eat the same meal.

Pick breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but removing the need to make any decision is magical. For dinner, we take part in Pasta Mondays, and it's usually spaghetti. No one's complaining, and I don't have to waste time thinking about it.

3. Don't shower.

Do it the night before or just spray yourself with pretty things. Wake up at the same time, get ready like you do, but skip the shower and allow yourself the margin to move into the day without murdering someone.

4. Have a playlist.

Pick the mood that makes Mondays shine, and play music to match. Maybe you need classical, sugar pop, or an endless supply of Nat King Cole, but whatever you need, make a list and play it every Monday. Preemptive music makes a difference.

5. Do even the tiniest bit of weekend food prep.

Stop rolling your eyes, and listen for two seconds. Spending an hour on the weekend trading almost-rotten food for beautifully cut-up, halfway-prepped food is magical. It's not about having an elaborate meal plan and preparing everything in advance; it's about using what you have before it rots and making meals out of the results

6. Brain dump right away.

A lot of us have trouble sleeping on Sunday night or getting going on Monday morning because of All the Things We're Thinking About. Either write all of those things out before you fall asleep or right when you wake up Monday morning and your brain starts running on its hamster wheel. Get it out so you can chill out and be a person.

7. Smile. Or chew a pencil.

When you smile, that whole endorphin thing happens, but I know I'm a default scowler on Mondays. Cheesy smiles chemically alter your mood, they remind you to take yourself less seriously, and if you're just in a terrible mood, a pencil between your teeth almost does the same thing until your heart catches up.

8. Don't schedule any appointments.

I learned this one from The Nester, and it's so smart. Don't schedule any appointments at the doctor, the school, the bank, or wherever else grownups make appointments. You could even go so far as to not do seemingly fun things like coffee with a girlfriend on a Monday just so you can have the day to get a head start on the week. Leave Mondays intentionally blank always amen.

9. Light a candle.

Candles smell good, they set a mood, they help you slow down, and it's hard to get grumpy when your house smells like lemons and lavender. 

10. Tell yourself the truth.

We let Mondays bully us into a fresh start week after week when maybe we just need a string of ordinary days. Still, that Fresh Start Monday voice gets loud, telling us to make a better dinner, finish more of the project, run more miles (or at all), do more activities with our little kids even though we spent the entire day at church and need a second Sabbath... it can all feel like too much too fast. So tell yourself the truth... whatever truth your soul needs to hear. 

You're value doesn't lie in how much laundry you get done today.

Your children are just as loved with a last-minute Lunchable as they are with a handwritten note and a train-shaped sandwich. 

You are good at your job even if you have to ask for help sometimes. 

You are beautiful and admirable even if no one is around to say so.

You are a wonderful friend to the people who know you despite feeling like a pariah at the playground.

You aren't a terrible person because you ordered pizza three times in one week.

Tell yourself the truth. 
Even if you don't do any of the other things, that one will still change the game.

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