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Bracket of Guys: THE FINAL VOTE

Bracket of Guys: THE FINAL VOTE

Well, guys, we're here. 

We've reached the end of this almost yearlong journey, a collection of obsessive Fridays we didn't know we needed. 

I'm sad. Now I don't have a good reason to Google photos of hot celebrities without looking like a creepo. But I'm also sad because Fridays will be a bummer for awhile as we detox from the dumbest, most important voting ever and hang out with our fangirly opinions.  

That said, it's with simultaneous horror and pleasure that I announce the final two candidates for our collective all-time favorite Guy. I say horror and pleasure because, frankly, any outcome would've been disappointing, but here we are. 

And the winners are...

Wait... one more thing. Please remember your fellow Lazy Geniuses who will be either heartbroken as you celebrate or elated as you're shocked. We're all doing important work here. And it all hurts.

Okay, here goes.

Is everyone okay? I recommend being out in nature, dark chocolate, and angry bowling as ways to process any negative feelings you might have. That said, it's done. And while the votes were competitive, they weren't nail biters. Both matchups were about a 60/40 split.

Goodbye, John. Goodbye, Hugh. You are kings among men, and you represented your names with great honor and beardedness. 

So at the risk of entering into the final vote on Code Red Emotional Alert, we're jumping in. 


I'm not sure I can say anymore than I've already said over weeks and weeks, so I'm going to let them guys do their own talking. And click the arrows to scroll through all the photos we've used throughout the entire vote. It's a sight to behold.

Overall #1 Seed: Colin Firth


Valiant #3 Seed: Matt Damon


And now we vote for the final time...

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