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Bracket of Guys: THE WINNER

Bracket of Guys: THE WINNER

I hope you guys have had fun. I know the last few weeks have been a little turbulent with your favorites dropping like flies. The emotional ties that bind us to our favorite famous guys are as strong as a Chris Hemsworth bicep. 

That said...

Our collective winner...

Our favorite guy...

Maybe not the hottest or most talented of all...

But he hasn't lost a vote yet.

Congratulations, Matt Damon. 
You are our Favorite Guy.

Matt: 52%
Colin: 48%

I'm so glad you guys have stuck around with me every single Friday for the past 10 months. This has been way. too. fun. 

And in case you need therapy after all of this, here's Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel in couple's therapy. I hope it helps you celebrate or heal.

All together now...

Our favorite Matt, John, Steve, James, Matthew, Michael, Tom, Daniel, Hugh, Jason, Kevin, Brad, Mark, Colin, Will, Ryan, Robert, Zach, Bill, Andrew, David, Chris, Josh, Ed, Patrick (who I accidentally left out of the bracket I'M SO SORRY), Jim, Ben, Adam, Guy With a Singular Name.

Bracket of Guys: Round One (regions one, two, three, and four) and all the winners, Round Two (parts one and two) and their winners, Round Three and the winners, The Final Eight and the winners, The Final Four, and The Final Two

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