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Decluttering Is a Sham

Decluttering Is a Sham

We've all done it. 

You walk in your home on a random Tuesday, maybe after visiting The Friend With the Perfectly Organized House or listening to a podcast where Oprah and Reese Witherspoon talk about the spiritual discipline of living with less, and you feel shame-laced frustration at everything you see. 


"I can't live like this anymore. We have to get our stuff under control."

With only an hour before school pick-up, you take everything out of your crowded closets and crammed drawers. 

You gather the lost and neglected from the entire house, and you make piles. Piles of bobby pins, notepads, gift wrap and bows, tiny toy cars that you find in laundry baskets and air vents. The organizational bug has bitten, and you ride the wave.

Then come the piles of stuff you'll probably get rid of: one for donations, another for your sister, the big one over there for your husband to go through to see if he wants to keep anything (knowing the answer is "everything" and you'll secretly throw half of it out anyway). It's in the middle of touching every item in your closet to see if it brings you joy that you press pause to pick up your kids. 

You're so motivated! This is going to be the start of a new life!


When you get back home, everyone thinks the piles are a fun game and/or a deliberate exercise in brutality. 

"Mom, you found my castle play set!"
"Mom, can we build a racetrack for this pile of Hot Wheels?"
"Mom, why are all my shoes in a trash bag?"

You respond, "STAAAAAY AWAAAAAAY!!!!!!"


Soon, your husband comes home, sees the piles and the fire in your eyes, and sighs under his breath, "Stupid Oprah."


Fast-forward as dinner, homework, and bedtime battles are fought, your resolve wearing thin, and now it's time to tackle living life right. 


You sit on the floor surrounded by tiny mounds of stuff, momentum declining at a freakish pace, and yeah, you super go to bed with piles everywhere.


Tomorrow though... tomorrow life will change. 

Tomorrow, you label bins and boxes, you try and put everything back but better, and you throw a trash bag or two into your trunk to take to Goodwill. Yeah, there are still a lot of piles out, but you've made progress, right? You'll finish tomorrow.

Then tomorrow turns into the weekend turns into "I'll just put everything in this closet and handle it when I have more time."


Two months later, the closet is still full, the labeled bins are a joke, and those Goodwill bags are still in your trunk.


Y'all, decluttering is a sham.

Live with less so you can live more!
You can be happy with only 37 items!
Divider trays will solve everything!

I love home organization, too. Color-coordinated medicine cabinets are attractive, like Chris Pine attractive.


But every time I try and do that in my own home, it's more like Chris Farley tripping over himself into a pile of pudding. 

My stuff beats me again.

Am I the problem? Is it just me who can't figure out how to be an actual grownup who can deal with her stuff? Do you feel like it's just you?

Because it's not.


The problem with traditional decluttering and home organization is that they focus on the wrong things... the things themselves.


If your decluttering/organizational system is all about your stuff, you'll never find the end. You'll go back to the frustrated beginning, and this time with more stuff. 

But there is a different way, a Lazy Genius way.
It's one question, and it works forever. 

I'm offering a simple but thorough mini-course on how to declutter for life. It's quick to take but lasts a lifetime, and it costs less than that dry erase calendar you thought would change everything and super didn't.

This course is available for just ONE WEEK, so check it out before it's gone.

I know you would love for things to be different, and it would truly be my honor to help you get there.


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