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DIY Evergreen Wreath for Those of Us Who Can't Make Stuff

DIY Evergreen Wreath for Those of Us Who Can't Make Stuff


Y'all, I'm so in your corner. The DIY Christmas train is loud, fast, and covered in yarn pompoms that continue to allude me. Is everyone else good at this stuff but me? If you feel that way but still have a desire to add a little homemade touch to your home this holiday, this post is for you. 

My friend, Barrie, is baller creative but also a lazy genius, i.e. the best person to show us how to make a wreath without losing a finger or our minds. Get on it.

Hello, Friend-I-Haven’t-Met-Yet!

(I thought that sounded better than “stranger.")

Raise your hand if you think that premade wreaths are overpriced and ugly? I see you in the back row, and I totally agree! Skip that crazy and make one yourself. Basically, you’re going to make a dozen little evergreen bouquets and tie them in a circle onto a wire frame. Boom. 

Let’s get started…


  • A wire wreath frame (I used an 18-inch diameter frame, but you can find larger or smaller sizes; each was less than $5 at my local Michaels)
  • Pruning Shears (for cutting your clippings)
  • Wire Cutter
  • Wire
  • Thick gloves
  • Clippings*

*Musings on clippings: don’t cut everything from the same tree. That would be like wearing an outfit made entirely out of denim. And though that trend once existed, we all know better. Berries, leaves and pinecones will add color to your creation, aka the bling to your denim ensemble. Where can I find greenery, you ask? If you do not have a yard or evergreen trees in your yard, I would suggest making nice with a neighbor who does, or take a crunchy, blue IKEA bag to your local park and fill it up (I may or may not have done this for my wreath). Finally, however much greenery you think you’ll need… cut more



1. Cut a dozen sections of wire, each roughly 5 inches long. 

2. Trim your clippings down to 10-inch long pieces. (If you’re using holly or another type of prickly branches, you’ll want to wear gloves for this.) 

3. Once you have your clippings ready, start assembling an individual bundle of branches (i.e. a winter bouquet). Each bundle should fit in your hand. 

4. Once you’re happy with the composition of your bundle, lay it down on the wire frame. (Most frames will have a slight curve; you want to lay your frame down so that the sides curve upwards, i.e. your bundle will lay inside the curve of the frame, like a hotdog inside a bun.)

5. Take a piece of wire, bend it in half, and push the ends through your bundle near the base. You want to make sure most of your branch stems are captured inside the wire.

6. Thread the wire ends through the frame and twist them together tightly on the back. You can tuck any extra wire into the branches.

7. Continue adding bundles all the way around the frame, slightly overlapping each bundle with the one before.  This will give your wreath a unified look and cover up any twiggy bundle ends.

Now hang your wreath proudly and brag to anyone who will listen how you made it yourself!

Merry Christmas y'all!

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