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What I'm Feeding My Family This Fall

What I'm Feeding My Family This Fall

This summer, I started using the Summer Dinner Queue to make my least favorite season slightly more enjoyable. I made a list of 21 meals that I knew my kids wouldn’t complain about that I could pull from over and over again because kids are always going to be whiny, but there’s something about whiny kids when I’m hot that sends me over the edge.

In the fall, I have more alone time and more structure and more margin, I can handle a bit more whine. And I want to try some new recipes because I miss cooking that way and want to again this season. But that doesn’t mean every meal is a new one because I can’t handle that many kid complaints.

Here’s a list of crowdpleasers I know I will pepper into my fall meal plans every week. For the new meals, I’m limiting myself to choosing new recipes from just three cookbooks: The Ultimate Instant Pot Cookbook by Coco Morante, The Roasting Tin by Rukmini Iyer, and Made in India by Meera Sodha.

Basic American Foods

  • Burgers

  • Hot dogs

  • Pizza 

Rice Bowls

  • I have an entire podcast series on rice bowls, but we have food on top of rice all the time and mostly everyone loves it. 



  • Chicken noodle

  • Chicken and rice

  • Chili

  • Tomato soup with grilled cheese

Change Your Life Chicken

Fall Stack

Fall Stack

Favorite Reads This Summer

Favorite Reads This Summer