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10 Simple Ways To Feel Fallish

10 Simple Ways To Feel Fallish

I carry a small bit of sadness for those of you who don't live in traditionally fall climates. Sadness, not pity. You Californians have magical 70 degree days, an excess of avocados, and celebrities. You Aussies have Chris Hemsworth. Perspective.

That said, fall is sensory, probably more than any other season, and that makes it lazily simple to feel fallish in your bones and in your home, especially if the temperature outside matches the mood inside. It just takes a little intentionality... which is hard to come by during such a busy season. Take a breath. See. Smell. Listen. Touch. Eat a lot. Notice the simple things about fall that you love, and use them to make the season even more alive. No complicated art projects required.

1. Get planty.

Tutorial at  Momtastic

Tutorial at Momtastic

Our homes are better off with plants during any season, but fall screams for them. Mums, succulents inside tiny pumpkins (stop it, cuteness), vases of marigolds... it doesn't matter. Need some ideas? The Today Show gathered some of the easiest indoor plants, but I highly encourage you to take a trip to your farmers market or a nursery, especially if you have one that's locally owned. Those owners know your area, and they love plants. You won't find better advice than from someone who's staked their entire financial security on a plant store; they must love what they do. 

P.S. If you live in the Greensboro area and haven't been to The Tiny Greenhouse, you'll probably put me in your will after you visit there; you'll be that grateful. It's tiny, perfectly curated, and an absolute delight.

2. Branch out.

The Nester (picture-taker of the right photo) is the best at remembering the beauty just beyond our front door. Big branches hanging out in a jar are brilliantly simple and add so much fallish goodness to your house. When the leaves die, they still look cool, and if they don't, just cut another branch, whatever color the leaf. (Left photo from Pinterest but with no source boohiss.) 

3. Light candles.

Photo by  Jessica Arends  on  Unsplash

I am THE WORST at this. I never think it matters slash fear that my toddler will burn the house down, but then I go to someone's house who has a dozen candles lit on every random surface, and I'm in heaven, a heaven that's only made of flickering light. It's such an experience to sit in a room where candles are burning. If you don't know what to buy (like me), notice the smell of candles in other people's homes and buy those. Or just light the ones you have. Light them light them light them. Scents of cinnamon, vanilla, sage, rosemary, cedarwood, orange, and pine are always good bets for the fall. And my sister swears by Bella by Allume which is conveniently carried at Target. We candle virgins can start there.

4. Make soup.

All of it. Make soup then make more soup then think about what you should have for dinner and make soup again. I implicitly trust The Kitchn, and they have a fall soup roundup. PRAISE THE INTERNET GODS. And if you can score a beautiful Dutch oven at the home goods store or on massive sale at Amazon, do it. Leave it on your stove even. It's the perfect fall decoration.

5. Cozify.

Photo from  SF Girl

Photo from SF Girl

Bring in texture. Blankets and pillows are like scarves for your couch. 

6. Drink hot stuff from a mug.

Photo by  Drew Taylor  on  Unsplash

Photo by Drew Taylor on Unsplash

Yes, we already do this hashtag caffeine. But when's the last time we did it not out of desperation? For the last couple of weeks, I've been making a mug of hot tea after lunch as I start my work, and it's been disproportionately lovely to the effort I put in.  

7. Choose plaid and/or gingham.

From one of my favorite Instagram feeds  @burtsbrisplease

From one of my favorite Instagram feeds @burtsbrisplease

Shirt. Pillow. Scarf. Dog outfit. (That last one was a joke, but also my mom has to dress her tiny old terrier during the winter or she'll literally freeze to death. So I guess not a joke.)

There's something about those lines and checks that automatically welcome in a fallish attitude. Grab something plaid, gingham, or a super hip combination, and enjoy it often.

8. Play music.

Photo by  Simon Noh  on  Unsplash

Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

Music ONE HUNDRED PERCENT fits in certain seasons. Jack Johnson? Totally summer. Michael Buble? The only thing at Christmas but maybe not anywhere else. Fall? The music makes a difference, y'all, and I'm sharing my fallish playlist right here. Technology is magical.

9. Bake.


Or hang out with people who do.

Muffins and pies and loaves of All the Gluten. Bake it, share it, savor it. Also if you want to up your baking game a little, check out the Baking Miniseries I did awhile back. It's a good place to start.

10. Bring nature into the details.

That sprig of rosemary on your counter, a line of tiny white pumpkins, apples and pears in a wooden bowl on the counter... don't ignore the tiny things and think they won't have a big impact. They do.

Be cozy.
Slow down.
Engage your senses in the ways you love.
Be fallish. 

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