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10 Lazy Genius Halloween Ideas

10 Lazy Genius Halloween Ideas

The holidays tend to overwhelm because we're focused on too many things at once. We're making Halloween costumes, ordering a Thanksgiving turkey, and buying Christmas gifts on the same day. 

Instead of cramming everything together and feeling like a crazy person, we're instituting opening and closing ceremonies, y'all, and it's going to be THE BEST. Let's start with Halloween.

If you want to enjoy Halloween but not sacrifice a ton of time, money, or sanity to feel festive, these are my favorite Lazy Genius Halloween finds from the Internet. Pick one or two, and have fun celebrating.

1. Mummy Brownies

Make brownies. Melt white chocolate melts. Drizzle. Stick on candy eyes. Seriously? Amazingly easy idea that looks fantastic.

2. Eyeball Cake

Couldn't locate the source

Couldn't locate the source

The M&M-stuck-to-an-Oreo trick is one of my favorites. Kids can do it, you can't mess it up, and if you like cake-baking but hate cake-decorating, your Halloween tush just got saved.

3. Witch's Brooms

Stick a pretzel in a Reese's cup, and tie on a Twizzler if you want to get fancy. 

4. Confetti Pumpkins

Our family carved pumpkins this year, and it actually wasn't terrible! But if you have little kids and/or are opposed to the garish orange and scooping out pumpkin guts, grab a Sharpie to be quick or tissue paper dots to do a little project and confetti away. Because the glue can be applied on both sides, it's great for kids and their clumsy, stubby fingers. Or super use markers, y'all.

5. Sharpie Balloons

Granted, these look cool because of the helium. Obviously they won't float like ghosts without it, but you could certainly draw the faces upside down and hang them from the ceiling instead. Still, you can't get much simpler or give kids full creative license as you can with balloons and Sharpies.

6. Painted Gourds

If you or your people want Halloween decorations but you want to stay modern and neutral, spray paint some gourds white and paint on faces. Just make sure the white paint is dry first.

7. Cereal Box Monsters

The beauty about these or any kind of cereal box/container craft is these can double as candy carriers when it's time to go trick-or-treating. Just cut a couple of slits in the top and tie some thick twine through to make handles. Or your kid can carry it around like a monster baby. I'm actually super into that idea.

8. Jack-O-Lantern Fruit Cups

If you're Halloween Room Mom and have to feed 27 tiny children themed food, DO THIS. Draw faces on mandarin cups. I mean... y'all. This is about as Lazy Genius as it gets.

9. 30 Genius Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Whip Up Last Minute

I'm partial to The Fork in the Road (white duct tape on a black shirt)...

but not as much as the greatest costume ever conceived.

10. It's Raining Men Costume

Yes, I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT DOING THIS. Maybe not just on Halloween. I made the Bracket of Guys, y'all. No costume has ever been more fitting.

Have fun celebrating without going crazy. Remember, your holidays will be so much better if you decide what matters first

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