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Holiday Baking Roundup

Holiday Baking Roundup

There is exactly one week left until Christmas Day, and if you haven't started baking anything yet, it's totally fine and no one will come after you. In fact, I think we've taken the soul out of holiday baking, and if you need to take a break to get it back, do it, girl. Or boy. There are about four of you, so hello.

If you're still looking for some ideas and tips for your baking forays this week, I have so. much. to SAY. Baking is my happy place. I had a tiny baking business once upon a time and even made it really far in the audition process for a television baking show. 

(Yeah, I just dropped that in there. I'm not supposed to talk about it, so I won't. But I auditioned for one of the million baking shows this past year and made it as far as you could make it without actually making it. Sad but totally fine. And I'm literally under contractual obligation to not answer, so if you ask me what show, I'll just make this face.)


My point? Baking is necessary for life, at least for my life. If I don't do it, I don't feel like a person. Due to this obsessive obsession, I've Lazy Genius'd baking (as you might expect) and have collected everything I've ever said on the subject to make your sugar dreams come true. 

Also Sugar Dreams sounds like the name of a Mariah Carey album.

First up...

Baking Do's and Don't's

(Does anyone else hate the way don't's looks? Drives me bonkers.)

And if you'd rather listen, I talked with Jamie Golden of Popcast fame about baking, and it was DELIGHTFUL. We also talk about hot guys... obviously.

I also spent an entire podcast episode talking about cookies. For real.

Heart Before Sugar

Lazy Genius Recipes

Other People Recipes I've Tried and Loved

  • My quintessential holiday recipe is the buckeye, and this recipe from Smitten Kitchen (plus an extra pinch of salt and darker chocolate than she calls for) is my go-to.
  • Also from Smitten Kitchen, this coffee toffee was in a Sugar Box (my retired baking business) and was a huge hit.
  • Final one from Smitten Kitchen, this gingerbread snacking cake is dangerously delightful. I used the fresh ginger but only half of what the recipe suggests, added orange zest from one orange, and doubled the salt if you want to riff like I did.
  • Joy the Baker's cranberry orange pecan coffee cake would be a lovely addition to Christmas morning.
  • I made these peppermint patties from Amanda Frederickson over the weekend, and they are SLAMMIN. Just freeze the peppermint discs before you add them to the chocolate; if they're not super cold, they tend to fall apart during dipping. 

I hope your holiday baking is filled with sugar and sprinkles and all the happiness.

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