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Lazy Genius Ideas For Your Holiday Party

Lazy Genius Ideas For Your Holiday Party

Photo by  Caleb Woods  on  Unsplash

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

With only two resources, I think you can throw a pretty slammin' party and not have to hide in a closet with a block of cheese. First, listen to The Lazy Genius Hosts a Holiday Party to set a very sturdy foundation. I teach you how to PuMP your party, and, yes, those letters are a secret code and we're all cool seventh graders again!

Side note: I was NEVER a cool seventh grader.

Next, read How to Never Run Out of Food at a Party to - wait for it - never run out of food at a party. I swear on my KitchenAid mixer and my poster of Benedict Cumberbatch that the food math in that formula never fails. Like, ever. It's magic, y'all. 

Obviously you can have people over and it not be a party. Friends for dinner, a chill movie night... they're all great, but if you want to up your game and throw a Webster-defintion-level party, you need a little intentional and a little metaphorical sparkle. Thoughtful parties make people feel though of. It's not about being impressive or a people-pleaser; it's about creating an environment where your friends can have fun, feel seen, and eat All the Bacon-Wrapped Things. 

So let's go through a few categories that send your Chill Hang into a Dope Party, Lazy Genius style. 

Yeah, it's even more obvious how not cool of a seventh grader I was. 


Lazy Level: Text or email everybody. It's to the point without any frills. No shame, man.

Lazy Genius Level: Use evite.com or another online invitation service for ease of delivery but with a dash of cute. To Lazy Genius Level-Up, design your own graphic in Adobe Illustrator or something similar, and email that file directly to your people. I usually do this because I like graphic design slash like control over how things look. 

Genius Level: Buy party invitations, print out the one you designed yourself, or use your baller stamp collection and calligraphy skills to handcraft them, and mail them the old-fashioned way. You are only allowed to do this if you are drowning in stamps or love doing hand-lettering. Otherwise, skip this HARD.


Lazy Level: Play Nat King Cole's The Christmas Song album on repeat.

Lazy Genius Level: Play a pre-made Spotify list or Pandora station. Use your mood words and search Spotify with that word + Christmas, i.e. "chill Christmas" or "upbeat Christmas." Hit play, and walk away.

Genius Level: Handcraft a playlist from your extensive Christmas music knowledge. Again, you're only allowed to do this if you love making playlists as much as you love breathing and watching Chris Pine movies.


Lazy Level: Put up a Christmas tree.

Lazy Genius Level: Add twinkle lights and anything shimmery and sparkly to as many surfaces as you have time for.

Genius Level: You know who you are and how much you just spent at Hobby Lobby. Again, only go here if it makes you excessively happy.

Stuff To Do

Lazy Level: Sit/stand around and talk.

Lazy Genius Level: Choose something passive - a room full of board games but no agenda to play them, a Christmas movie playing in the den for anyone who needs a break from chatting, a fire pit outside with blankets and s'mores for anyone who wants to partake... you don't need to agenda while still having things to do.

Genius Level: An outdoor movie, a board game tournament, an ugly Christmas sweater contest (of course), a whole set up to build gingerbread houses for fun or in teams for competitive friends, a trivia game you create and host... all of these things are fun but only necessary if they fit with your PuMP plan and your sanity.

Bonus Tips

  • Put a sign on the bathroom door that says "bathroom" in the biggest, darkest letters you can. Or be clever if you want. But label it. Same goes for the trash can.
  • Have music playing 15 minutes before your party is supposed to start. If you get any early birds, you eliminate the silent-room awkwardness of being the first one there. 
  • Put something on your mailbox or in your yard to make your house easy to find. I once hosted a Wizard of Oz themed party and put a metal lollipop in the ground by the driveway. Dumb and fun but actually really helpful for folks who've never been to your place before.
  • Put a Sharpie by the cups so folks can label their drinks.
  • If you're trying to save money, skip alcohol. Or have an alcoholic punch to go with any other drinks. That's where all your party money will go to die.
  • When the party is over, clean up the kitchen before you go to bed. Trust me. Nighttime You will be yawning, but Morning You will feel like she won the lottery.

Ready to throw that holiday party now? Start with the right things in the right order, and you might uncover a party-throwing obsession, too.

Let's Take Your Party Pulse

I love the idea of hosting a party.
I feel overwhelmed by the idea of actually doing it.



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