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My 10 Favorite Gift-Wrapping Ideas

My 10 Favorite Gift-Wrapping Ideas

This is a polarizing topic. We love wrapping gifts. We also hate wrapping gifts. It's all very confusing.


I think about gift wrapping like I think about raising kids; I'm happy to have wrapped, just like I'm happy to have parented. I remember how much I love my kids when they're asleep, and I look fondly upon wrapping when the gifts are already pretty and under the tree. 

You can go all out and might want to, but assuming you want simple wrapping that feels special without needing an art degree, here are a few of my favorites.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

Kraft paper rules all. Roll out a huge stretch, tape down the corners, draw curly cues over the whole thing, and then set out a few choice colors for your kids' fingers. Or you can just paint circles. I'm super into this one, and you can use it as a little craft project long before wrapping so it'll dry. No bows needed.

Painted Stars and Trees

Same deal. Roll out a big stretch of kraft paper, and use white and black paint to roughly paint stars and trees. The more imperfect, the better. Finish with simple twine.

Metallic Pens on Dark Paper

I love using these pens on dark paper. Make little stars, dots, snowflakes... whatever you want. And the gold paint with jute twine is so simple and lovely.

Photo source

Photo source

Natural Stuff on Patterned Paper

We all buy the discounted paper the day after Christmas, and then Pinterest (and me) tell us to just use kraft paper? It's a racket! If you have rolls of patterned paper, the easiest way to make it look pretty is by pairing it with natural elements like jute twine and greenery if you want to go the extra mile. The contrast is lovely to behold, and no froofy ribbons required.

Baker's Twine and a Bell

Can you tell my least favorite part of wrapping is the bows? No YouTube tutorial can save me from not being able to tie bows. I just can't do it, so anything that requires no skill greater than tying my shoe makes me happy. And it's a bell! So stinking cute.

Minimal Winter Faces

My kids want Super Mario Brothers wrapping paper, and I would rather not have that madness under the tree for the eternity of Christmas. A good kid compromise is to use your simple aesthetic and make it kid-friendly. If you're going white paper and washi tape, pump up the fun of your kids' gifts with a reindeer or snowman face. I'm usually anti-craft, but yarn pompoms are about as easy as they come and look really cute taped to a box, especially as a reindeer nose.

Car Bow

Same idea as the reindeer. This would still fit under the tree in the looks department, but the car on the road will please all the tiny people.

Black and White and Red (or Pink and Green) All Over

If you like buying patterned paper, I love the idea of sticking with neutrals so that you can add an accent color, especially if you have enough paper to last through a couple of holidays. It gets a whole new life when the accent goes from pink to green.

Circle Stickers

This has an exceptional cute factor for being so little work. Wrap the gift in kraft paper, washi tape a gift tape in the center, and stick those little yard sale circle stickers here and there. The more random, the better. So cute.

Washi Tape Bunting

This is surprisingly therapeutic when you're sitting in the front of the TV. Assuming you have a nice stash of washi tape you don't know how to use, get a few coordinating styles and tape them on a piece of baker's twine. Then go back through and cut out little triangles at the bottom to make bunting. You can create a super long string of them and then just go off lengths to match the gifts as you wrap. 

If you have any favorite Lazy Genius wrapping ideas, I'd love to hear them!

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