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How Pretty Baskets Can Change Your Life


I don't clean my house, but I feel more settled in my soul when things are put away. So every night after the kids are in bed, my husband and I become human Shop-Vacs and pick up every train, crayon, and crappy McDonald's prize we can find. We call it "resetting the house" (even though it's technically just the living room), and the ten minutes it takes is well worth the two hours of visual quiet I get before I fall asleep watching Blindspot. Basic Lazy Genius move.

How does our living room go from horror movie daycare center to normal person house so fast? 
One word. Baskets.

If a shelf can hold a pretty basket, it gets one, and inside it goes everything I don't want to look at anymore. We have a car basket, a train basket, a Paw Patrol basket, a magazine basket... if it can go in a basket and the basket isn't ugly, victory is mine.

A quick word on the actual basket. For awhile, I made the mistake of using dollar store containers because they were a few bucks cheaper, but my living room looked like a daycare center. A clean daycare center, but a daycare center nonetheless. The lesson? Investing in grown-up baskets is so worth it.

So buy pretty baskets and fill them with not-pretty things. Sure, they'll get dumped out in dramatic fashion every morning and create a walking hazard all day, but that's the kind of house I want my kids to grow up in anyway. Enjoy your stuff, boys, without the fear that Mommy is going to clean it up five times before lunch. 

Pick it up once, and put it in a basket. Cleaning uncomplicated.

Opinions needed: I have three huge blank canvases I've been wanting to paint to put over the couch. Something abstract and stupid easy. Any ideas? And I'm thinking red and white which feels a tiny bit crazy for the room, and I love that.

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