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How to Survive on Your Desert Island

Busyness drill in three, two, one...

So how busy are you? How many things need to get done today? This week? By the time summer is over? 

I have cracks of about twenty minutes every three hours if I'm lucky hashtag newborn, and I have a list as long as your CVS receipt of things to do during those cracks. Write a blog post, edit a podcast episode, prep dinner, pull out the next size of Annie's clothes because she's growing like all the weeds in my yard, pull all the weeds in my yard... you get the idea. Of course you do because your list is as fraught with doing as mine is.

Then I watched an episode of LOST to prepare for Show Club (come join!), and Hurley switched my brain from corporate to mom and pop. 

The plane has crashed, the survivors are scared and bored and annoyed, and the mood on the island is bleak. Everyone is so hopped up on trying to survive - a worthy task - that they've gotten Stay Alive tunnel vision, not realizing that staying alive isn't enough. 

Hurley disappears for a day, and when he emerges, he presents the survivors with a roughshod DIY island golf course. One guys says to him, "This is what you've been wasting your time on?"

"Dudes, listen. Our lives suck. Everyone's nerves are stretched to the max. All I'm saying is if we're stuck here, then just surviving isn't gonna cut it. We need some way to have fun, or we're going to go crazy waiting for the next bad thing to happen."

I'm guessing boar attacks and jungle polar bears aren't your biggest concern, but we all find ourselves in survival mode from time to time. Should we hunker down, build sturdier shelters, send out scouting teams, and try and figure out why the heck a polar bear is on a tropical island? Sure. Worthy efforts. But blind production can't see the fun it needs. Island golf, or in your case taking a nap, watching a show, or reading a book during one of the cracks instead of vacuuming or sorting or managing... that's how we survive. That's how we protect our sanity: by giving it a break sometimes.

And they say TV rots our brains...

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