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It's Time to Decide What Matters

It's Time to Decide What Matters

We want to simplify because we're tired. 

There are too many to do lists, too many activities, too many bins filled with stuff, and our brain just. can't. take it anymore. 

So we get all knee-jerky and shout from the rooftops "SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY! SIMPLIFY!" We throw out All the Things and buy more (but cuter) bins for whatever's left. We say no to every request but later feel super guilty about it and then overcommit. And eventually, everything is back to the way it was, sometimes worse.

If we want to stop the cycle, we need to decide what matters. 

Maybe you have one simple statement or belief that you want to direct your life. Maybe there are several attitudes you want to maintain always. Maybe you have relationships you want to prioritize.

It doesn't matter what matters, as long as it matters to you. And once you decide, it changes everything.

Here's what matters to me and my family:
We want our home to be a safe and comfortable place for everyone whether you live here or not. And that's it. 

How does that simplify our lives?

  • We love to have people over but rarely go places. 
  • We don't have any furniture that we'd be sad to see stained or broken.
  • We don't actively pursue extracurricular things for our kids because we want them to love being home. 
  • We keep the house clean enough to not be gross but real enough that people know they're not putting us out. 
  • We eat delicious and simple food because if Fancy is at the table, Comfort typically isn't.
  • We don't take (or spend money on) a lot of vacations because our home should be a retreat.
  • We never buy trendy items or stuff that will "impress" because that is the opposite of how we want our house to feel.

See what I mean? Our schedule and our stuff are directly affected by what matters to us.  

Some people call it a mission or purpose statement, but that feels too official and grownup for me. Instead, it's simply remembering what matters. Decide what matters, and simplifying your life is right around the corner. 

P.S. Never ever feel guilty about the things that matter to you. If eating out and enjoying your city and engaging with strangers and being the life of the party matters to you, don't you dare think that's not valid because it doesn't look the same as someone else. It all matters because we all matterAmen.

Would you like help remembering what matters? Check out what it looks like to join The Lazy Genius Collective, and you might find just what you're looking for. 

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