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When the Laundry Eats You Alive

When the Laundry Eats You Alive

Laundry is never done.


I think most of us want to DIE when we're stuffing yet another mismatched load into the washer because it's a reminder of the hamster wheel life we lead.

Don't you love how positive I am on a Monday?

Here's what happens:

1. You wake up and try that whole "one load a day" thing and frantically gather disparate pieces of clothing from all the rooms to cram in the machine before breakfast. 

2. You remember the load when it's dark outside.

3. And now it smells like a swamp.

4. It's too late to wash them again, so you leave the load there until the morning.

5. The next day, when you remember to move the clothes from the washer to the dryer, it's tangled mess of cotton and anger.

6. During the wrestling match, you're reminded of how lame your clothes are and that your kids are way better dressed than you and it's fine it's fine everything's fine.

7. When the clothes are done, you try and teach your family teamwork and responsibility by recruiting everyone to help clean up.

8. Repeat for infinity.

The daily grind and failure of laundry is a reminder that we live the same day over and over again and most of the time it makes us crazy.

When I get frustrated by the repetition of my life, I turn into an Ann and attempt yet another approach - lighting candles, changing detergent, buying a prettier laundry basket that's so nice to look at of course I'll be motivated to wash my clothes now! Because, sure, there might be other ways to do laundry that don't end in mildew and tears, but sadly, a better system isn't the answer. Remember, systems can't save us. Dang it.

My problem is 10% actual laundry and 90% not letting myself be okay hating it. I get resentful because I'm not letting myself feel sad. 

But once we let ourselves feel the feelings, it's an easier step to being grateful, to seeing the repetition as home keeping and not house cleaning, to laughing at the pile of solo socks and not yelling at our seven year-old to get his act together.

So if you hate laundry, own it. If the repetition makes you crazy, don't act like it's not there. If staying home with kids is supposed to be a privilege but some days you're just ready to kick every last one of them out, don't believe the lie that you're a bad mother. 

Truth is always where it begins. Truth sets us free.

Is there a domestic truth you won't tell yourself that actually might make things easier?

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