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Here's Why I Have an Expensive Purse (and How You Can Get One, Too)

Here's Why I Have an Expensive Purse (and How You Can Get One, Too)

Raise your hand if you're cheap. I'm sorry... frugal. 

If you ever read magazines promoting $200 perfume and $500 shoes and gasp in horror, if you wish you could buy more organic foods but can't stomach paying a million dollars for one chicken thigh, if paying full price for a shirt at Target is a splurge, we're in this together. My husband is a public school guidance counselor, and we have three kids. I get it.

And now I'm going to tell you something shocking:
I own a $350 purse. 

I KNOW. I can't believe it either. But now I'm going to tell you something even more shocking.
I would buy it again.

This Is the Story of a Bag

I have three little kids, and the third one was a surprise. Part of my shock recovery was figuring out how to physically juggle three tiny humans at once. Solution? I'd wear the baby, like, all the time, but I've learned my lesson in trying to do that while carrying a crossbody bag. (Spoiler: it doesn't work.)

I figured my only solution was a backpack, but I already struggle with feeling like an adult. Wearing a backpack doesn't help my case. But what was I supposed to do? Purses can't turn into backpacks, and besides... I didn't just need a purse. I needed a diaper bag.

I looked on Amazon, on Etsy, at thrift stores... everywhere. I even contacted a few Etsy sellers who made purses I liked to see if they could figure out how to let me wear it on my back and fill it with All the Pockets. Fails. Everywhere fails.

And then... THEN... a lady I follow on Instagram posted a picture of her holding her baby and wearing her cool leather purse... ON HER BACK. 

It was then I discovered the magic of Lily Jade

Lily Jade bags are real purses that are beautifully designed, full of amazing features that make them perfect for moms - pockets, machine washable removable interiors, versatile wearing abilities, and impressive durability. And I bought one with my own cash money and want to tell you about it.

What I Love About My Lily Jade Bag

1. The strap easily clips from shoulder to crossbody to backpack bag.

I use all three and still can't believe how versatile it is. My husband is always in awe when I take all three kids grocery shopping, but it's easy when the two big ones are in the cart, the baby is on my chest, and my purse is on my back. (There's also an abnormal amount of popcorn involved, but we don't need to talk about that.)

It's a backpack!

It's a backpack!

It's a crossbody!

It's a crossbody!

Unclip the big strap, and it's a shoulder bag!

Unclip the big strap, and it's a shoulder bag!

2. It looks amazing.

No quilted fabrics or monkey patterns in sight. I feel like a woman, not just a mom. I chose the Elizabeth in Camel, but the other styles and color choices are top notch.

3. It comes with a removable "Baby Bag."

Each bag comes with an insert that snaps in and out like a dream, full of perfectly sized pockets for diapers, bottles, pacis, and anything else you need for your little people or you. Dropping the baby off at grandma's? Just remove the Baby Bag from your actual bag and leave it with her, taking your purse with you. Seriously? It's so awesome.


4. It will last me long past when my baby isn't a baby anymore.

When my diaper bag days are over, my Lily Jade purse days will still be rocking it. I've had mine for a year, and it still looks as good as the day I got it.

5. It does what it says it will do.

I use the different straps. I use the pockets. I remove the Baby Bag. I use this bag every single day, and this thing is virtually indestructible.

The Expensive Elephant In the Room

Now, I know what you're thinking.

Yes, the bag costs $350. For those of us who struggle spending money at all, not just on ourselves, it feels like an impossibility. (And don't even think about convincing some of our husbands that we're not insane for considering a purse that's the price of a car payment.)

But... it's more than worth it to me, and here's why.

I have no doubt that this bag will be my daily bag five, even ten, years from now. It's that classic and awesome. If I annualize the cost of the bag even over just three years, it costs me 32 cents a day.

  • Am I happy to pay 32 cents a day for a bag I love? Yes.
  • For a bag that works? Yes.
  • For a bag that solves problems I never thought could be solved? Yes.
  • For a bag that goes with everything? Yes.
  • For a bag that lets me run errands with a baby with practically zero effort? Yes.
  • For a bag that holds everything I need without feeling like a pack mule? Yes.
  • For a bag that is so easy to clean when life happens? Yes.
  • For a bag that will last me for years and years because it's so classically stylish? YES.

This bag is so worth 32 cents a day for that. And if I use it for five years? 19 cents a day. Seven years? 14 cents. You get the idea. Basically I am more than willing to drop a few coins in a jar every day to have a bag that makes my life easier and better on multiple levels. 

So if you're tired of going from bag to bag and never being super sold on any of them, consider Lily Jade. It's the only bag you'll need for a crazy long time.

Like I said, I've had mine for a year, and I was going to write this very post at this very time to encourage you to check them out. The draft was on my computer and everything. Then the craziest thing happened. Lily Jade contacted me to see if they could send me a bag to review for this here blog.


I told them I had a bag, loved it, and could I give the bag away to one of you instead? They generously changed it from a specific bag to a credit to their store so the winner can choose whatever she wants. Aren't we glad the wizarding world interfered? You were just going to get me telling you to check out the bags, but now one if you will win one!

I'm hosting the giveaway on Instagram where the winner gets $300 in the Lily Jade shop! So pull out your phone (I can access mine so easily from the side pocket of my awesome bag!), and hop on Instagram to get details! The bags range from $250 to $350, so the winner pretty much gets the bag of their choice. The giveaway closes on Sunday, December 4th, and the winner will be announced on Monday, December 5th. Head over to enter!

Sometimes things are worth splurging on. I'm glad I splurged on this.

Well, look at that mom of three who isn't juggling her purse and her kids. Miracle of miracles.

Okay, now go enter the giveaway and then check out all the options and choose the bag you could win!

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