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Celebrate Your Personality, Dessert Style!

Celebrate Your Personality, Dessert Style!

I'm a serial personality-test-taker and love it when pieces of paper tell me how awesome and/or neurotic I am. I thought it was about time to make a dessert personality test because obviously. If you don't already know your Myers Briggs type and have a few minutes, you can take a free test here. Have fun celebrating who you are, my friends, because who you are is fantastic amen.

myers briggs dessert personality

I've gone through a dessert evolution over the years. I started out as creme brûlée, morphed into a donut, and now I think my true personality has settled in a cheesecake. Maybe I was always a cheesecake but never got the chance? This metaphor is getting weird. 

P.S. If you're really into learning more about who you are (like, the hard work of it), the Enneagram is my favorite by a mile. It's real and raw and a little scary, but it's also a game-changer. Check it out if you're brave.

So which dessert are you?

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