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7 Picks for Prime Day

7 Picks for Prime Day

Photo by  Mein Deal  on  Unsplash

Photo by Mein Deal on Unsplash

If you’ve been on the Internet in the past month, you know that Prime Day is upon us. The Black Friday sale of all Black Friday sales that happens in the middle of July. It doesn’t make sense to me, but if I can score an Instant Pot for $50, I won’t question it too much.

I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds on Amazon in the past few months that are on sale for Prime Day. These are things I paid cash money for and use on a regular basis in my own Lazy Genius life. You can also find them all in one place on my Amazon storefront.

And if you haven’t tried Amazon Prime yet, you can try it free for 30 days by signing up here.

  1. Instant Pot
    Maybe you’re feeling like the Instant Pot is so last year, but it is a workhorse in our kitchen. I prefer it over a slow cooker because it has a Sauté feature that lets me cook at varying levels of heat so everything doesn’t just turn to mush. I have this particular model, and it’s perfect for my family of five. I pair it with The Essential Instant Pot Cookbook to make it sing.

    >Lazy Genius Recipe: Magic Instant Pot Curry Rice

  2. Yeti Rambler
    Have you guys seen those fancy Ember coffee mugs that you put on an electric coaster that keeps your coffee warmed to the perfect temperature? This is not that, but it’s pretty darn close. I use this mug daily, and it keeps my coffee HOT. 

  3. Bluetooth Keyboard
    I’ve talked quite a bit about how I’m trying to spend less time on the ‘gram this summer, and this bluetooth keyboard is helping me do that. Did you know you can use a bluetooth keyboard on your phone? Mind. Blown. It helps me take care of things that have to be done on my phone faster and gives my joints and thumbs a break.

  4. Jarware Juicer Lid
    I love having this little tool available for when a recipe calls for lemon or lime juice. It attaches to any regular size mason jar and keeps the juice contained. Jarware makes some really neat accessories if mason jars are your thing.

  5. Sonos Speakers
    I’ve talked a lot about how music sets the tone for a lot of my daily activities. And my Sonos speakers help me feel like I’m at a Penny and Sparrow show when the going gets tough. We have these wireless smart speakers throughout our house, and I never want to live without them. Sonos also makes a soundbar for TVs if you feel extra bougie.

    >The Lazy Genius Noah Penny Magic playlist on Spotify
    >The Lazy Genius Cooking with Kids playlist on Spotify

  6. Bullet Journal Basics
    In 2016, I wrote a comprehensive guide to bullet journaling and it is by far one of the most popular posts on my website. Macaulay Culkin once tweeted about it. It’s fine. I’ve got all of my must haves linked up on my Amazon storefront in case you want to start a bullet journal to kick off the new academic year.

  7. My Favorite Cookbooks
    Prime Day is a great day to stock up on some cookbooks that you might otherwise not try. You can see my unedited reviews under “Cookbooks” on my Instagram story highlights before you commit.

Most of these recommendations are affiliate links, so if something looks promising and you happen to buy it, I might get a tiny cut as a thank you gift from the Internet. 

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