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Quit Setting Stupid Goals

Quit Setting Stupid Goals

Set goals! Write them down! Get an accountability partner! Start a blog to share your goals so that you’ll have the motivation to complete them!

First problem. All of that makes me want to nap, which seems counter intuitive when we're talking about motivation.

Second problem. Are you setting goals because you want to?

If you want to run a marathon or learn a skill or finish a project, the steps to reaching your goal seem more obvious. Run. Take a class. Get off your butt.

But what about those goals you feel like you should set? Go to bed earlier. Get up earlier. Drink all the water and then all the green tea. Don’t eat out. Give up sugar. Turn off your phone. Read more. Watch less TV. Exercise and clean your house at least 30 minutes a day. Every night write in a gratitude journal. Aaaand I'm exhausted. 

Before you set goals like this, before you buy a new refrigerator calendar to mark your progress, before you throw away all the Oreos, STOP.


What’s your typical pattern when you make these goals your priority? You abandon them around day four, beat yourself up, and find yourself digging the Oreos out of the trash.

But what if there was a different way? And I’m not talking about a different calendar. Friend, your system isn’t the problem. Your thoughts are. 

Here’s what we think: if we do all of those things, we are beyond criticism. We will never give anyone a reason to think poorly of us again. And on a deeper level, we believe that if our lives are put together, then our souls must be, too. 

False. A checkbox life does not equal a healthy soul.

I’m not saying that water, sleep, and routine are bad things. But setting checkbox goals simply because we think we should is an easy road to Hate Myselftown, population 1. And she’s angry-eating in the corner. 

You are more than your goals. You are valuable and can have a life of purpose without tracking the minutia. If yesterday you drank 64 ounces of water and walked three miles and today you drank 64 ounces of Diet Coke and hid in the closet, your worth did not diminish

Today’s challenge? Only set goals if they give you life. Only track them if that makes you excited. Only reward them if you enjoy celebrating at the end. Do none of those things because everyone tells you to. Sometimes “everyone” is wrong.

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