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Quit Throwing Fancy Bridal Showers

Quit Throwing Fancy Bridal Showers

Bridal showers have Awkward built into them. 

  • You might not know anyone.
  • Maybe you're supposed to know someone who you don't remember meeting.
  • You might overdress.
  • Or underdress.
  • What if the gifts are lame, and you have to watch the bride act happy but everyone knows she's totally returning the weird bird feeder clock?

And if you're actually hosting the shower? The day should be about the bride, not about your sweaty armpits and social allergies, but I ASK YOU how do we eliminate the awkward?

With food. 

I know that showers already have food. Please don't assume I think you're a terrible hostess. But there's an art in choosing what to serve at a shower. And I'm about to go against the grain with the following assertion.

Bridal showers are not the place for fancy food. 

But, Kendra, it's a bridal shower! With ladies! It's the PERFECT time for fancy food!

Meh. Not in my book. Here's why. 

Women are naturally competitive. We all hate it, but we all know it's true. Especially in small living rooms while we wear pastel and wedges and wonder if we're tan enough. Add in unusual ingredients, intricately-cut tea sandwiches, and overwrought table settings, and you heighten the Lady Crazy.

Dude, Kendra. You're, like, really insecure. And the showers you go to sound terrible!

Perhaps. Or perhaps you know exactly what I'm talking about. 

I've been to some delightful bridal showers, but usually it takes them a little while to become that way. Because everyone is trying really hard, including the food. 

This is why there are two words to remember if you're hosting a shower:


When it comes to the food, go with simple items that make people comfortable. Period.

Like macaroni and cheese baked in mini muffin tins. Umm, it's mac and cheese. That you put in your mouth in one bite. Simple. Comfortable. DELICIOUS. (P.S. I changed a couple of things to that recipe but all flavor-related. The method is foolproof. Do it.)

I once catered a bridal shower where we had those mac and cheese bites, pigs in a blanket (except with Andouille sausage and puff pastry), tomato cucumber salad, pimiento cheese dip, grapes, and oatmeal cookies. Also a giant bowl of banana pudding because nothing breaks down walls like a giant bowl of banana pudding.

When people saw the food, they got excited. Not because it was the most beautiful food they'd ever seen but because they recognized it. It was familiar, a little nostalgic, and made them happy before a bite was taken. Simple. Comfortable. Done.

So the next time you're hosting a bridal shower? Get rid of the fancy food.

PEE. ESS. For the love buy from the bridal registry. Sure, there's the occasional scrapbook or memento that makes the bride happy, but from someone who has attended 14,000 bridal showers, I speak from experience. BUY FROM THE REGISTRY. Thank you, and goodnight.

What's the best food you ever ate a bridal shower? I want to live vicariously through you.

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