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Because We All Need to See Downton Abbey People As Regular People

Because We All Need to See Downton Abbey People As Regular People

There's nothing more fun than seeing a period-piece actor in skinny jeans and a sequined cardigan, especially if it's Mr. Carson! ::knee slap::

The final season of Downton Abbey premieres on January 3rd, so we're going to counteract our sob faces with some side-by-side photos of our favorite characters. Let's celebrate the Crawleys and try not to cry into our coffee.

Hugh has a Miami Vice vibe with that posture. Throw a white blazer on top of that denim, and you've got yourself Don Johnson's big brother.

That whole "she has a smile that lights up the room" thing? It's real because Michelle has it. I follow her on Instagram and have found her to be delightfully normal and smiley. Plus who in this world can be pale and wear gold and look flawless?! WE OF THE ALABASTER ORDER BOW DOWN, O QUEEN.

He was resurrected as Bond apparently. ::cat call sound::

Contouring, you guys. It's a real thing. Edith has a puffy face (not that there's anything wrong with that), but look at Laura's cheekbones! They're the same, y'all, but when you dump bronzer on that spot of your face, things get all house of mirrors and you look like a rockstar.

Also keep an eye out for the red lip as we continue. These Downton girls know how to do The Red Lip.

Stop it, Jessica, with your high-wasted pencil skirt and straight-hair-with-great-bangs. P.S. Does anyone else remember a generation that consistently looked so stylish? I see middle schoolers now who have better style than I have had in my cumulative life. What happened to everyone having a dorky phase? 

I'm thinking this one never had a dorky phase. Hubba hubba.

Don't worry, Lavinia. One day you'll come back as a cosmetics model with hair that blows in the wind and skin dewy enough to water a tomato plant. 

Mr. Cullen, I admire your tweed and the shoulders and the filling of them also your beard shadow nice you date Orphan Black girl right I bet you date good tweed shadow and cheekbones hot man.

Julian is totally Tom Cruise's gets-in-trouble little brother. I know, RIGHT? Betcha never thought he was a really amazing theater/opera singer thoooough! Seriously, listen to this. Skip to the 1:00 mark unless you like pretty orchestra music.

Look at that face. Beautiful. SHOCKINGLY beautiful. 

I'm thinking pretty excellent both ways there, JackGary. Also any man who can wear a suit that color and look as hot as he does deserves The National Medal of Hot Dude Fashion. I mean, it's the color of poop.

A fairy, this one. Slash can I have her outfit? Although I could never wear it unless I wanted to look like a weird napkin.

Is that leopard print under there, Brendan? There's definitely pomade, and I'm not complaining.


WELL then. 

He should've been cast as a Weasley is what you're thinking right now.

Red lip! Red lip! Daisy is the dearest, but obviously they homely-ify her a good bit for the role. Sophie is old Hollywood done right, man. That lip. The hair with the middle part (who can do that?!). The dimples. If I was a "I have a fashion muse" kind of person, Sophie would be in the running. (Clarification: I do not have a fashion muse... unless you count a ten year old Gap mannequin.)

We already knew he was hot, but put a dude in a well fitting jacket? It's the lady's lingerie, my friend. Gracious.

Presenting the winner for The Most Beautiful Eyebrows I've Ever Seen! Real life Ivy is a knockout.

Oh my gosh she's your cool Aunt Nancy!

Another red lip that I cannot emotionally handle. I think Rose Leslie is one of the most beautiful women on this planet. She also plays Ygritte on Game of Thrones in case you were doing one of those "where have I seen her" things.

He. Is. So. Hot. If Lady Mary doesn't marry this dude, she's a legit bonehead.

Another tomato plant waterer. But word of advice? Don't Google Amy Nuttall too much. She was either some kind of underwear model or else went a little crazy on her Myspace page.

We end with a crisis of conscience. Thomas is despicable, albeit misunderstood. But Rob? Rob is HAWT. Like, deserves two pictures hawt. A well-groomed almost-beard on a dude is the contoured red-lipped face of a woman. Freely ogle, my friends. 

Now a few photos of the cast as regular people because that's fun. ALSO. A surprising number of them have been photographed with Benedict Cumberbatch WHOSE SHERLOCK CHRISTMAS SPECIAL PREMIERES TONIGHT I'M NOT EXCITED OR YELLING OR ANYTHING.

Aaaand we all just got pregnant.

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