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5 Quick & Easy Dinner Bowls Using Rice and Ground

5 Quick & Easy Dinner Bowls Using Rice and Ground

Let’s build a few dinner bowls using rice as a base and ground beef as the protein, and you’ll see how varied the options can be just from using different toppings and sauces.

We’re starting with plain white rice and ground beef seasoned with salt and black pepper. About as basic as you can get.

Option #1

Toppings are avocado and corn cut off the cob, and your sauce is a spicy salsa. You get crunchy, creamy, sweet, spicy, great textures. So yummy.

Option #2

Toppings are diced cucumber and pickled ginger from the jar which is one of my dinner bowl secret weapons, and your sauce is yum yum sauce. So you get a bright crunchy freshness from the cucumber, a spicy bite and some pretty color from the pickled ginger, and a cream mild sweetness to bring it all together.

Option #3

Toppings are sautéed diced onions and peppers and chopped peanuts and your sauce is a carrot-ginger dressing from a bottle, like the kind you get at the Japanese steakhouses. Crispy, crunchy, spicy, tangy, and sweet.

Option #4

Toppings are roasted sweet potatoes and black beans from a can, and your sauce is bottled barbecue sauce. Finish with a little cilantro or a squeeze of lime to add some freshness and brightness on that one.

Option #5

Toppings are diced cherry tomatoes and black olives, and your sauce is legit pasta sauce from a jar. It’s like a pizza bowl. Even sprinkle Parmesan on top.

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