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Bracket of Guys, Round 1.4

Bracket of Guys, Round 1.4

It's the last week of Round One! All first round voting will close WEDNESDAY. I'll post the first round winners on Thursday, and we'll start the second round on Friday. PRAISE.

Let's get to it.

#1 Hugh Jackman vs. #16 Zach Galifinakis

These are two of the most polar opposite choices on the ballot. I need them act together immediately please.

Favorite Thing About Hugh: Genuinely one of the kindest men in Hollywood, and this interview with Patrick Stewart proves it.
Favorite Thing About Zach: Between Two Ferns. Genius.

#8 Michael Caine vs. #9 Jason Segel

Not the most glamorous matchup but still solid. And as always, here's your reminder that if you say "my cocaine," you sound like Michael Caine saying "Michael Caine."

Favorite Thing About Michael: He's been in so many personally beloved movies forEVER. So talented what is happening. Hashtag Scrooge.
Favorite Thing About Jason: I know nothing. For real. I did like him in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, but that might be the only thing I've ever seen him in. Please don't hurt me.

#4 Robert Downey Jr. vs. #13 Steve Martin

And now it's getting tough. Because ohmygosh. My pick is obvious, but it hurts. Both of these guys deserve to advance.

Favorite Thing About RDJ: His charm.
Favorite Thing About Steve: His charm. And also George Banks.

#5 Zachary Levi vs. #12 Kevin Costner

This matchup is bizarre, right?! It feels like two different worlds, one of which I hope is not water. (Terrible movie.)

Favorite Thing About Zachary: Chuck.
Favorite Thing About Kevin: That terrible performance in Robin Hood that I unapologetically love.

#6 Will Ferrell vs. #11 Mark Wahlberg

They've been in two movies together - The Other Guys and Daddy's Home - which probably aren't anyone's list of favorites, but who cares. I'd have dinner with the two of them anyway.

Favorite Thing About Will: Everything he ever did on SNL. The cheerleaders, the Culps, when he wore that American flag thong... gold.
Favorite Thing About Mark: I don't know if I've mentioned this before (I'VE DEFINITELY MENTIONED THIS BEFORE), but I have a thing for Mark Wahlberg. He's not very good, he's even a little annoying, but I can't help myself. Marky Mark 4EVAH.

#3 Chris Pratt vs. #14 Benjamin Bratt

PRATT BRATT. I can't believe my good fortune in getting to chant that for the next half an hour. Also hottie duo comin' atcha.

Favorite Thing About Chris: In my personal Bracket of Guys, he makes it to the Final Four. Even if you removed Andy Dwyer (which would be stupid because he's amazing), he'd probably still be a top choice. Kind, hilarious, super hot, he loves his wife and kid... sorry, there are too many favorite things to choose just one. (Or I guess we could choose the hair-braiding thing. That's adorable.)
Favorite Thing About Benjamin: I thought he was serious for the longest time because of Law and Order and his quick deadly role in The River Wild, but when he played Gloria's ex-husband on Modern Family, my crush meter exploded. So surprisingly funny.

#7 Matthew McConaughey vs. #10 Daniel Craig

They fill the same brain space for me; one is the Texas version of the other - suave, hot, and blond.

Favorite Thing About Matthew: He leans into the "alright alright alright" thing and we don't totally hate him for it. I love a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously.
Favorite Thing About Daniel: Him in a tuxedo playing poker for two hours in Casino Royale. ALL DAY, SON.

#2 Bill Murray vs. #15 Tom Hardy

Hello, Polar Opposites, nice to meet you!

Favorite Thing About Bill: One of my husband's favorite movies is Groundhog Day, so when it's on TV, we watch it. I had never seen it until I got married, and even after seeing half a dozen times, I'm still struck by how Bill Murray makes such an unlikeable character your absolute favorite. He was also magnificent in Lost in Translation.
Favorite Thing About Tom: Is it cool if we hang out here awhile? I'd like to Google "Tom Hardy + dogs" and fall into an Internet utopia. (Y'all, he's so stupid hot ohmygosh.)

Voting is closed!

Winners of round one will be announced here on March 30th.

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