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Bracket of Guys, Round 1.3

Bracket of Guys, Round 1.3

"Hang on! I need to grab my bracket!"

Don't worry! You can still vote in the first two regions - one and two - if you haven't already. THIS IS IMPORTANT WORK, PEOPLE. The entire group of first round winners will be revealed in two weeks.

#1 Ryan Reynolds vs. #16 Zac Efron

I mean. Do we even need to vote here? #notazacfan

Favorite Thing About Ryan: He's way funnier than his hot face would indicate.
Favorite Thing About Zac: That I haven't seen his face in awhile. Again... #notazacfan

#8 Daniel Radcliffe vs. #9 Jim Caviezel

They're both so pensive. So serious. They're about to play a father and son in a gritty new show on Freeform. (No, they're not.)

Favorite Thing About Daniel: I'd like to say Harry Potter, but his visits to various late night talk shows are magical. He's lovely to listen to and incredibly funny.
Favorite Thing About Jim: He's been married to his wife for a million years.

#4 Tom Hanks vs. #13 Edward Norton

If anyone deserves to stand beside Tom Hanks, it's Ed Norton. Both incredibly talented and very handsome in their black ties. Doesn't Ed look like he's related to Owen and Luke? The long-lost Wilson brother.

Favorite Thing About Tom: That's he exists. Also his love of typewriters.
Favorite Thing About Ed: His philanthropy. Good guy.

#5 James Corden vs. #12 Hugh Grant

So very endearing, both of them. Just very different kinds. And yeah we'll just ignore the prostitute thing.

Favorite Thing About James: Carpool karaoke. Cliche, yes, but it's too good. Nobody else could pull it off so well.
Favorite Thing About Hugh: His weird collar and face in Sense and Sensibility.

#6 Eddie Redmayne vs. #11 Andy Samberg

Huh. I wonder what they're looking at...

Favorite Thing About Eddie: He has such beautifully endearing imposter syndrome. You get the feeling he's enchanted, humbled, and genuinely shocked by every opportunity he gets.
Favorite Thing About Andy: Oh man. I love this guy. I have since SNL, but Brooklyn Nine Nine seals it.

#3 Matt Damon vs. #14 Tom Selleck

That's a beautiful pair of men. BUT YOU GUYS KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT MATT.

Favorite Thing About Tom: How can a man sport that mustache for a million years and still look awesome and not like a funky stalker? Unicorn genes. Clearly.

#7 Ed Harris vs. #10 Milo Ventimiglia

Can these two men live with me? Just talk to me sometimes when I'm sad? Maybe give side-eye to that barista who didn't wash his hands after returning from the bathroom? It doesn't matter. One of each, please. I won't be picky.

Favorite Thing About Ed: When we voted for our favorite Ed (this Ed won), I was shocked at how many movies I LOVE he's been in. Such a talented and likable guy.
Favorite Thing About Milo: Jess. (I didn't have the emotional fortitude to make it past the pilot of This Is Us. I know; you're so ashamed of me.)

#2 Steve Carell vs. #15 Zach Braff

Comedy minds and handsome faces. This one feels obvious, but it's a worthy fight.

Favorite Thing About Steve: Everything. I'm obsessed. But if I had to choose in this very moment, I'd say his beard.
Favorite Thing About Zach: Um, THIS PICTURE. Hot tamale.

Voting is closed!

Winners of round one will be announced here on March 30th.

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