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Bracket of Guys, Round 1.2

Bracket of Guys, Round 1.2

First order of business....

I forgot the Patricks. I FORGOT THE PATRICKS. 

The winner was Patrick Stewart, and based on percentage, Dempsey would've been included in the bracket, too. Y'all, I am incredibly sorry. If you carry a Patrick torch, I've let you down. 

Be that as it may, we have to move forward. Sigh. 

I'll reveal all first round winners at once, including last week's region, when round two voting begins. All votes will stay open, so tell your friends to come vote for their favorites! Or for yours if you want to threaten; I'm not above that. 

Here's your next batch of choices. Cast carefully.

#1 John Krasinski vs. #16 David Boreanaz

I feel like this is an unfair matchup, but it is a #1 and #16. Good luck, Angel fans. I honor your efforts.

Favorite Thing About John: Well. I mean come ON. But if I had to choose, I love that he's regular.
Favorite Thing About David: I don't know the guy so I don't have one, but I'd say hotness is a safe bet.

#8 Mark Harmon vs. #9 Kevin Spacey

A standoff between two long-lasting careers and extreme likability. 

Favorite Thing About Mark: He's the king of silver foxes and maybe more handsome now than he was twenty years ago.
Favorite Thing About Kevin: He doesn't take himself too seriously. He takes his work incredibly seriously, but himself? Nah, let's have fun.

#4 Mark Ruffalo vs. #13 Chris Hemsworth

The Hulk and Thor. Y'all, this one feels impossible.

Favorite Thing About Mark: You guys, I have such a thing for Ruffalo. He's quiet, kind, shy, old-fashioned, and always a little sad. He's like an old wounded golden retriever. He's Shadow! From Homeward Bound! Ohmygosh and now my life makes sense.
Favorite Thing About Chris: You GUYS. There's no one thing.

#5 Kevin Bacon vs. #12 Joshua Jackson

Six degrees to Pacey. This one feels like such a tossup.

Favorite Thing About Kevin: He's a game. 
Favorite Thing About Joshua: His melty smile.

#6 James McAvoy vs. #11 Josh Lucas

Guys, I know you love Sweet Home Alabama, but I'm going to straight up beg with no shame. PLEASE VOTE FOR JAMES. I might be abusing my power, but in this one case, I just DO NOT CARE. #votejames #pleaseforthelovevotejames

Favorite Thing About James: I mean I guess he's okay whatever I don't have any strong feelings about him his eyes don't pierce my soul or anything STOP JUDGING ME.
Favorite Thing About Josh: He's invisible. In this matchup, to me he is totally invisible. 

(Okay, I promise this is the only time I'll be this crazy.)

#3 Jason Bateman vs. #14 Jon Stewart

Both so funny. Both so handsome. Both so chill. Jason has the edge, but Jon is a worthy opponent.

Favorite Thing About Jason: Michael Bluth will always be one of my favorite characters of all time. 
Favorite Thing About Jon: Smartest guy in the room who never stops learning. I luuuuurv him.

#7 Matthew Goode vs. #10 Benedict Cumberbatch

MY HEART IS DEAD. I mean I'll totally vote for BC, but Matthew Goode going out in my first round?!?! It's unconscionable.

Favorite Thing About Matthew: He's so hot it's stupid.
Favorite Thing About Benedict: Everything. And yeah the penguin thing, too.

#2 Bradley Cooper vs. #15 Ben McKenzie

No dog in this fight, but I had no idea Ben was such a great guy until you guys told me! My vote might swing his way.

Favorite Thing About Bradley: I've never been a huge fan (even though he was fantastic in The Hangover), but then I watched Alias. Okay, I give.
Favorite Thing About Ben: That he's basically a secret perfect human.

Voting is closed!

Winners of round one will be announced here on March 30th.

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