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Bracket of Guys: Round Three

Bracket of Guys: Round Three

It's the whole kit and caboodle. (Weirdest phrase ever by the way. Also did y'all have Caboodles? I filled mine with Dr. Pepper chapstick and cotton balls. My beauty regimen was cutting-edge.)

We're doing round three in its entirety. No more breaking up rounds week to week. This is IT. Our Sweet Sixteen. Let's see how difficult this actually is.


#1 Colin Firth vs. #5 Ryan Gosling

Yeah, okay this is really hard. They're both classy, kind, self-depricating, serious and talented actors, and vurrry handsome. This one might just come down to whose movies you like more. It's the Pride and Prejudice / La La Land throwdown we never expected.


#3 Jimmy Fallon vs. #7 Adam Scott

America's favorite late night little brother against the nerdy husband crush in Ben Wyatt. I think this one will come down to how many Parks and Rec fans there are around here. P.S. I'd like to applaud myself for not mentioning that they're handsome, too. #morethanaface


#1 John Krasinski vs. #4 Mark Ruffalo

Back to the faces. Beautiful ones. John Krasinski is loved for three things: being Jim Halpert, being adorably married to Emily Blunt, and being jacked and sweaty like a beast in 13 Hours. Mark Ruffalo is also loved for three things: his eyes, his voice, and how ridiculously good he is in everything he does. So not really a hard choice or whatever. (This one will kill me.)


#3 Jason Bateman vs. #10 Benedict Cumberbatch

No, THIS ONE will kill me. I mean, I'm voting for BC without question, but based on the close call of Jason Bateman and my BELOVED James McAvoy, I'm so afraid he'll take out two of my favorites ever. P.S. I am grateful beyond measure that our collective bracket did not mirror my personal one when I had to vote between James and Benedict. Did you guys feel something similar to a solar flare a few weeks ago? Because that was my heart breaking.


#1 Ryan Reynolds vs. #4 Tom Hanks

TOUGH. I think this is a Tom crowd, but we'll see. I will, however, go on record as saying that Ryan Reynolds will have a long career like Tom Hanks. He won't be revered as the most trusted man in America or anything (Tom was by Reader's Digest a few years ago), but I think he has staying power, especially if he embraces his strength as a character actor who just happens to look like a Ken doll.


#3 Matt Damon vs. #10 Milo Ventimiglia

Not cool, y'all. Not cool. (But an obvious choice for me because Matt wins my everything.)


#1 Hugh Jackman vs. #4 Robert Downey Jr.

Match-ups are a funny thing. We're down to the absolute favorites, and it's less likely there will be runaway winners... except maybe here. I will be shocked if this one isn't a blowout.


#3 Chris Pratt vs. #7 Matthew McConaughey

Or this one. It just doesn't feel like a contest. Sorry, Matthew. You've still got those Lincoln commercials.

Voting is closed!
The winners were Colin, Jimmy, John, Benedict, Ryan, Matt, Hugh, and Chris.

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