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Bracket of Guys: Round Three Winners!

Bracket of Guys: Round Three Winners!

I thought voting would get harder... is it getting easier? Are we so set in our favorites that the clicks aren't as painful now? That's how it appeared after these votes were tallied. All the races were admirable, but none were nail-biters. I was only surprised by two things, both of which I'll share once we ogle some dudes for a quick sec. 

East Hot Region

#1 Colin Firth vs. #5 Ryan Gosling

#3 Jimmy Fallon vs. #7 Adam Scott

Midwest Hot Region

#1 John Krasinski vs. #4 Mark Ruffalo

#3 Jason Bateman vs. #10 Benedict Cumberbatch

South Hot Region

#1 Ryan Reynolds vs. #4 Tom Hanks

#3 Matt Damon vs. #10 Milo Ventimiglia

West Hot Region

#1 Hugh Jackman vs. #4 Robert Downey Jr.

#3 Chris Pratt vs. #7 Matthew McConaughey

The only two things that surprises me were 1) how strong Colin Firth's win was over Ryan Gosling. I thought he might actually win, but he was handily eliminated, and 2) that Tom Hanks lost to Ryan Reynolds. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about Ryan Reynolds, so to see him oust the most trusted man in Hollywood vexed me. But I get it. 

Will tomorrow's voting be tough? I mean, we have to choose between John Krasinski and Benedict Cumberbatch. That one hurts, y'all. See you tomorrow...

How are y'all doing? How's your bracket holding up? I still have two of my final four picks left, but losing James - my heart - makes it feel like I'm an empty vessel of sadness.

Bracket of Guys: Final Eight!

Bracket of Guys: Final Eight!

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