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Bracket of Guys: Round 2.2

Bracket of Guys: Round 2.2

How's everybody holding up? I made Round Two full of black and white photos because I figured we needed a win. The heart hurts so much, so the eyes get to reap the benefits. (Here are last week's in case you missed them.)

Let's get to voting. I'll see you next Thursday for the Round Two winners.

#1 Ryan Reynolds vs. #9 Jim Caviezel

Is your soul pierced yet? With Ryan, you either love him or are annoyed by him, and with Jim, you either love him or have no idea who he is. Will Jesus continue his streak?

#4 Tom Hanks vs. #5 James Corden

It's hard to imagine anyone causing Tom Hanks to be nervous in the second round, but surprisingly James Corden is a tough opponent. They're really similar - likable, charming, regular, not so hot you want to die... I'm excited to see who you guys pick.

#3 Matt Damon vs. #6 Eddie Redmayne

Did you need your eyeballs shattered from hotness? Because here.

(Matt Damon 4EVAH.)

(But Eddie is humble, crazy talented, and I have a massive crush on his sprite of a wife.)

#2 Steve Carell vs. #10 Milo Ventimiglia

I'm sorry. I'm just so, SO sorry. 

#1 Hugh Jackman vs. #8 Michael Caine

Bye, My Cocaine. You made a good run. 

I mean, right, guys? Hugh seems pretty invincible here. 

#4 Robert Downey Jr. vs. #5 Zachary Levi

Now here's where it gets tricky. First, they could play brothers. Second, they seem like similar people. Third, they started from waaaay different places (really bad guy, really good guy) but now inhabit the same charming, scruffy space. This one is such a toss-up; can't wait to see what you guys say.

#3 Chris Pratt vs. #11 Mark Wahlberg


Chris Pratt is in my Final Four, but Mark Wahlberg was on MY WALL when I was a teenager. I have such a thing. This tears me into a million pieces. Say I'm not alone. (Chris is going to wipe the floor with Mark, isn't he?)

#7 Matthew McConaughey vs. #15 Tom Hardy

I'm realizing what a poor decision this black and white photoshoot idea was. Because now I can't see or think or feel my face. I will be shocked if Matthew doesn't come away with this victory, but I'm going to rally my #savetomhardy people to STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. Take heart and be strong even if you know you'll lose. 


I have the best job.

Voting is closed! Winners can be found here.

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