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Save Your Life With Pasta Mondays


Hopefully you meal plan. Not because you should but because it's ten minutes of genius to make your entire week lazy. That's a good ratio. 

But even if you don't plan your meals in advance, here's a trick. 
Eat pasta every Monday. 

Mondays are inherently the worst, simply because we haven't found a groove yet and feel behind before we've begun. It doesn't mean we're doing anything wrong; it's just the DNA of Mondays. The solution to the Monday dinner blues? Pasta.

We all have it, we all love it, there are so many kinds and combinations, and it's stupid easy. Your meal can be all store-bought, all homemade, or a little of both. Do what fits the mood of your Monday. Regardless, fill the Monday space in your brain with PASTA. I swear you'll never know how you did it any differently. 

What's your favorite pasta combo?

P.S. I want to thank you guys for your words and encouragement after Monday's post. The comments and emails made me feel surrounded and supported, and I'm truly grateful to all of you for being so gracious to me. I heart you guys all the ways. 

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