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Snack Hack: Make Ahead Parfait Jars

Snack Hack: Make Ahead Parfait Jars


Does snack time get the shaft in your life, too? 

Whether your afternoon is wonky because of after school madness, time crawling at work, or simply because you forget how hungry you are until it's too late, it's easy to settle for a handful of cookies like you're auditioning for the role of Cookie Monster's exhausted sister. Cookies are awesome. Desperation is not. 

A filling, tasty, and kind of healthy snack option that most of us like is the classic combo of yogurt, fruit, and granola. But here's a peek into how lazy I am. Making a parfait is way too much work. But, Kendra, it's just three things! Yes, friend, and that's two things too many for me on a Wednesday at 4pm. 

So here's the simple solution. Make several parfaits all at once, and then you just have to open a jar in order to eat. Yes, this is the most original idea you've ever heard (eye roll), but it is such a lifesaver. 

Some tips:

  • Layer fruit between the yogurt and granola to keep the granola from getting soggy. 
  • Use a good granola. I'm pretty sure my recipe will change your life.
  • Don't fill the jar to the top. That way you can mix and eat out of the jar without getting a granola shower. 

Sure, this isn't as intricate as learning how to Bullet Journal or as fun as playing Celebrity Crush Throwdown, but doing something simple ahead of time to make life easier allows room for the intricate and the fun. That's how you rock being a lazy genius.

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