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Stupid Cheap Homemade Eye Makeup Remover

Stupid Cheap Homemade Eye Makeup Remover


You're scared of becoming a hippie who chews tree bark instead of taking Tylenol. I get it. And while tree bark might be a perfectly acceptable solution to a sore throat, not making your own beauty/health products because you're afraid is not.

So we're going to start slowly with something you use every day: eye makeup remover. 

I never thought I'd utter this sentence, but I'm going to let the math convince you.

5.5 oz bottle of Neutrogena eye makeup remover - $5
5.5 oz bottle of homemade eye makeup remover - $0.80

Bonus: you don't have to pull out a measuring device, funnel contraption, or buy any weird roots or herbs to make this happen. You pour three ingredients into a bottle and shake it. Your two year-old can make this stuff. 

Here's what you need: water, olive oil, and witch hazel.

Ugh, Kendra! You said I didn't need anything weird! Witch hazel? They only use that in Anne Shirley books when someone has whooping cough!

This is true, but doesn't that also make it kind of cool? Here's your chance to channel your inner Anne Shirley, lady. Witch hazel is simply a natural astringent and anti-inflammatory. All that means is that it makes all the weird colors in your skin - bruises, scars, veins - chill out and lighten up (like, literally the color fades) and makes your skin bouncy like in those Jennifer Garner makeup commercials. Slash it's an antioxidant which basically means it's magic and will keep you from dying. 

Okay fine, but where on earth do I buy this magic face juice? Good news, my skeptic friend. It's next to the alcohol and bandaids at Target and costs about a dollar. Mic drop. One bottle of witch hazel will make almost eight bottles of eye makeup remover among a slew of other things (which Future Kendra will eventually share with you).

So go to Target, get a coffee, a pastel bottlebrush Christmas tree just because it's cute, and some witch hazel. Go home and pour equal(ish) parts of those three ingredients into a bottle, ending with the oil. When you use it, just remember to shake it since the oil separates. You now have stupid easy hippie eye makeup remover without having to live in a commune. You're welcome.

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