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How to Know When to Take a Break

How to Know When to Take a Break

Responsibility is a loaded word. 

The right thing, the expected thing, whatever takes care of the people around you. 

I do not shirk responsibility. I'm a serial non-shirker. At times, I even think it's my responsibility to be... responsible. 

But sometimes we need to take a break. We feel it in our bones, in our tense necks, in our patience that is past the razor's edge. 

It's okay to be sacrificial. In fact, it's beautiful to live that kind of life. Every single day with my kids is an act of sacrifice, of making sure they're loved and fed and generally kept alive at the expense of my sleep and sanity. They're worth it, and I keep going.

But I can't take a break from them, at least not one much longer than going to see Wonder Woman by myself. You have those responsibilities, too... ones you can't really take breaks from. Jobs, caring for aging parents, living in a house that's on the market... all of the things don't allow breaks. We have to stay in it. It's our responsibility. 

But what about when we're about to break? The wheels are coming off, y'all, and something's gotta give.

This, my friend, is when being a Lazy Genius comes in handy. This is when we take breaks from Important Things to free up emotional energy for The Very Important Things. Even if you can't take a break from it all, taking a break from some will automatically feel lighter. 

If your purse is heavy, you don't empty it completely; you just leave the essentials. 

Summer is a unique time for my family because my husband gets about six weeks off. (He's a middle school counselor. Yes, he's a saint and a wizard man, I know.) Usually I take full advantage of him being home and LEAVE. I sit in coffee shops and write and cook leisurely and go for runs (gasp)... it's fantastic. 

But the last few months have been busier than usual. I'm entering summer with a deficit, and I'm not used to that. It's time to strip down to the barest of essentials, and for right now, my family is the only thing going in my purse.

(Guys, I really like this metaphor.)

In almost every other scenario, The Lazy Genius Collective is essential; I love this space, I love you guys, and I feel more like myself when I spend time here. But even a good thing might need a break.  

In the spirit of "practicing what I preach," I'll be quiet around here and on the podcast for the next couple of months, and I'm going to spend the summer at home with my crew. Praise. 

So here's to a little summer purse clean out. Take a break from things that aren't essential, and see what happens. I'm guessing your neck won't hurt as much. 

P.S. We'll still keep voting for our Wonder Women. OBVS.

See you September.

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