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The Target Girl That Blew My Mind

The Target Girl That Blew My Mind

The other day, I had a conversation with a college girl who worked at Target, i.e. my vacation home. We started talking about having a budget (an ironic topic in a Target by the way), and she was asking me how I did mine because she was either a) a weird stalker/murderer who was looking for information to destroy my life or b) a poor college girl who'd never been taught how to manage money. I think it's safe to go with B.

I love to help people solve problems and I'm super efficient, so I gave that eager twenty-something the quickest budget lesson in the history of home economics. I shared with her my tip for annualizing things, like how a five-dollar cup of coffee every day doesn't seem like a lot until you annualize it and realize that you've spent well over $1500 a year on coffee that you could've made at home for a lot cheaper. 

Her eyes got huge, and she said, "I totally buy a five-dollar coffee everyday because I'm so tired in the mornings!"

Feeling really good about my new job as a Target Aisle Financial Planner, I said, "Yeah, if you just make that coffee at home, you could save yourself a lot of money."

Then she laughed and said, "Or I could just go to bed earlier."


Yep, I got schooled. Because she was right. Her problem wasn't buying coffee every day; it was staying up until 3am and expecting to be a functioning human being the next morning. Just go to sleep! The cheapest, best solution was staring us both in the face despite my valiant efforts to turn her into Dave Ramsey before she finished bagging my groceries. 

I have thought about that conversation a dozen times in the last couple of weeks, noticing when I'm trying to Homemade Coffee a problem that needs a Get More Sleep solution. 

My house is crawling with toys and clutter. 
Homemade Coffee Solution: Get cuter storage containers.
Get More Sleep Solution: Get rid of some stuff and stop buying more every time you go to Target.

My skin is so splotchy in the mornings.
Homemade Coffee Solution: Buy expensive Cindy Crawford skin cream made of mango seeds and unicorn tears.
Get More Sleep Solution: Stop eating a million pounds of sugar right before bed, and forthelove wash your face once in awhile.

My husband and I aren't connecting.
Homemade Coffee Solution: Go on more date nights.
Get More Sleep Solution: Talk to each other after the kids are asleep rather than scrolling Twitter.

It shows up a lot, y'all, and I've noticed how often I make things way more complicated than they need to be. In case you're in the same boat, let's applaud Broke Target Girl for calling out a problem for what it is and making us see better than we did before. Time to seek out Get More Sleep solutions in life amen.

How does this show up in your life? And how often is buying too much stuff at Target the culprit?

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