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The 7 Date Night Mistakes You Didn't Know You Were Making

  1. Date night dinner is 1-2 hours later than when your family usually eats. Consequently, you want to devour the entire restaurant menu before you even sit down.
  2. You never know what to do after dinner and wonder if you're suddenly boring and ohmygosh why are you so tired.
  3. Your default is to see a movie, but you fall asleep before the previews are over because kids have made you an old person who's in jammies and parked on the couch before Jeopardy is over.
  4. You're home during the hardest time of the day (4:30-6pm).
  5. You're not home during one of your favorite times of the day (after your kids are in bed).
  6. As awesome as your sitter is, your kids are expert stallers and delay their bedtime so late that they're either still awake when you get home or so tired and grumpy the next morning that you want to burn the house down.
  7. George Clooney isn't your date. (It must be said.)

You're on your own when it comes to Clooney, but we're going to solve the other six mistakes with one simple change. 

Start your date earlier.

I know. It's obnoxiously simple, but I will convince you. Instead of hiring a sitter from 6-10pm, hire one from 4:30pm-7:30pm, and watch how it changes your life. Here's how it might go down:

  • Spend a few minutes turning yourself into a date night pretty person while your sitter handles the bouncing-off-walls-4:30pm children. Then you either hop in the car with your guy when he gets home around 5pm or pick him up at work.
  • Go eat dinner at a restaurant you love, but you'll be eating when your body is used to eating. No ordering seven appetizers out of sheer panic.
  • After dinner (as everyone else waits for a table), walk through a bookstore or through the hip part of downtown that's currently empty because those young whippersnappers haven't even started getting ready yet. Amateurs.
  • Get home around 7:30pm, pay the sitter, get the kids in bed, kiss them because you like them extra much since you missed being with them during the hardest part of the day, get in your jammies, and hit the couch with your dude. You have the entire evening before you (so does your sitter by the way), and you still had an awesome date night out.

P.S. If you do this on a Saturday? Oh my gosh, get the sitter to come at 3pm and go see a movie before dinner. Do you feel your life changing? 

My husband and I have been doing afternoon/early evening date nights for a couple of years now, and it's GENIUS. We get the best and miss the worst of both home and going out. Stop this out until 10pm nonsense, and do date night the Lazy Genius way.

And if you ever get that whole Clooney thing figured out, you win all the cookies.

What's your favorite way to do date night?

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