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The Necklace That Made Me Cry

The Necklace That Made Me Cry

A couple of weeks ago, I was making dinner in a zoo I mean the kitchen when my husband walked in from getting the mail. He was carrying a tiny package.

"Your friend just dropped this off."

This was inside.


It's my word of 2017. And it was on a necklace. From a friend who I barely see.

And then I sobbed like I was watching the Parenthood series finale.

Anna had read my post and despite having three children of her own (and writing hilarious and some of my favorite words about motherhood) remembered. Then she saw this necklace in a store, thought of me, bought it, drove to my house, and dropped it off without even needing to see me open it. It was the most unselfish thing, and I didn't need to salt my pasta water because of all the tears. 

(That's not true, I totally salted my pasta water, and you should, too. Way more than you think. Like, a handful of salt. Never mind, we can talk about it later.)

There's no such thing as the perfect gift, but as the recipient, sometimes it feels that way. Not because the gift is extravagant, expensive, or "exactly what you wanted." Whoever knows exactly what they want? But it feels perfect when you feel seen. When somebody remembers. 

Receiving a gift when someone "remembered" is a gift in itself. And you don't even have to be in love with the person for it to work!

Today's podcast episode is The Lazy Genius Buys a Gift, so if you want some ideas on how to see your people through giving, go listen!

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