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The Shocking Truth About Simplicity

The Shocking Truth About Simplicity

Simple and organized. When it comes to our homes, it's the mantra of the regular American lady. But I think we're fooling ourselves. 

Here's what we think those words mean:
simple lots of white space, magazine worthy, zero clutter
organized coordinated containers with labels and charts

And here's what they actually mean:
simple free from dishonesty, vanity, or pretense; not complex
organized parts formed into a functioning whole

We need to take a beat, reject Pinterest like it's an old gross boyfriend, and reevaluate what we're actually going for in our "simple" homes. 

Stop worrying about the systems of your home, and get familiar with its soul.

Bringing simplicity into our homes starts with honesty, and they don't sell that at The Container Store. Instead, ask yourself these questions to start thinking honestly about your home.

  • If no one but my family ever saw my house, would it look and feel different?
  • If there were zero consequences, what things would I be relieved to get rid of?
  • What do I keep doing in and to my home that's exhausting? What's my reason?

Once you open up to how you honestly feel about your home and the stuff inside it, move into that truth with great freedom. Your home will come alive when you are the most authentic and honest version of yourself within its walls. And when that happens, when the honesty seeps in, try this: 

  • What do you want others to feel when they spend time in your home?

That's your first step towards simplicity because you're creating a home without dishonesty, vanity, or pretense. When you're honest, your stuff will look so different. You'll stop seeing it as something to organize but instead parts to a functioning whole. Everything has its place - physically and emotionally. Then and only then are you settled in yourself enough to go back to the icky Pinterest boyfriend and maybe find a few practical ways to make your home function like it wants to. 

Sure, there's a time to get practical and buy containers. But before you create a system for your home, get familiar with its soul.

How do you think you've been fooled by simplicity? Share in the comments, and we can commiserate together. 

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