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The "Two Minute Rule" Can Change Your Life

The "Two Minute Rule" Can Change Your Life

I hate a lot of things. Laundry, dirty toilets, cleaning dirty toilets, sweat, Anne Hathaway... the list is exhaustive.

My typical Lazy Genius response to household things I hate is to ignore them. Why spend energy on stuff that doesn't matter?

But if I ignore the laundry for too long, my kids will go to school naked, and while my boys wouldn't object, society would. Not everything can be ignored. 

But what often happens is a prize-winning level of procrastination where one bowl in the sink multiplies at an astounding speed, as if your kitchen suddenly becomes Bellatrix's vault at Gringotts. We're drowning in cups, and no one knows how to escape!

Recently, I discovered the "two minute rule." She's not a new idea, but we became friends at the right time. The rule is simple; if you're confronted with a task that takes less than two minutes, do it right away. 

Put your lunch plate in the dishwasher instead of on the counter. Hang up your jeans instead of leaving them on the floor. Sort and dispose of the mail as you're walking inside rather than throwing it on the counter. 

If it takes less than two minutes and you have two minutes, just go ahead and do it.

Again, I'm not blowing your mind here. It's a simple and often-used strategy. But if I leave the dishes out throughout the day, I'll have to spend thirty minutes that night cleaning up when all I want to do is watch the final episodes of The Grinder. (::sob face:: Why oh why do awesome shows get cancelled?) 

Some of you like letting everything build up; it makes you feel more accomplished going from a Hoarders episode to Martha Stewart Living. Rock it out, y'all. But if that's not your style, try looking at tasks through the two minute lens. 

Spending less than two minutes on a task is by definition lazy, but doing those tasks throughout the day is a genius way to not feel like your drowning in stuff and things.

Do you like to stay on top of things as you go, or are you an epic cleaner?

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