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When It Doesn't Matter That Your Walls Are Ugly

When It Doesn't Matter That Your Walls Are Ugly

I got married when I was 20 years old and started domestic life at a disadvantage.

See, I had learned how to find the tangent of something, could write about Shakespearean themes, and graduated college with a minor in Snood. (Anyone else play that game?)

No one ever taught me how to hang stuff on the wall. 

It doesn't seem like a hard thing. Just pound a nail into the wall and hang a picture! Anybody with half a brain can do it. 

 Well, it looks like a lot of us are walking around half-brained and confused because my walls and maybe yours, too, don't ever look like they do in movies and magazines. 

My goal is this...

And my reality is most definitely this. 


This was my living room for the first two or three years of my marriage. Yup. Working that Golden Gate Bridge photo like whoa.

I mean, they're so small, completely crooked, too high, and... just so bad. It makes me laugh at how bad. 

But you know what? I thought it was fine. I actually thought my wall was pretty great until Pinterest showed up and I saw how the rest of Internet humanity lived. 

Isn't that the way it always is? We do something, love it, see how others do it, and immediately fall into a pit of despair.
We're confident in what we do until we compare. 

That's why being a person is so hard now; comparison is part of life. We see the filtered lives of people (who are sometimes paid to post beautiful photos) and realize we're a big fat piece of Wrong. 

But, y'all, we're not. Yes, these young 20s walls were pitiful, but I didn't know and therefore didn't care. I remember being proud of those photos that Kaz and I took on our honeymoon. I didn't know about levelers and photo hooks, but I knew that I wanted to remember how happy I was being married when I looked at my early married walls.

So, yes, I've learned a lot along the way. I've figured out how a Lazy Genius puts stuff on the walls without needing an interior design degree. My ugly walls have evolved into slightly less ugly walls, but the truth stays the same...

Your walls don't define you. The way you decorate doesn't add or subtract value from who you are. You can not know what you're doing and still warmly invite people into your home. 

Learn some tips and develop a few skills, but don't do it because of comparison. Because if you don't compare, you're actually happier, ugly walls and all. 

What's your ugly wall? Is there anything in your life that you're happy with until you see others doing it differently?

P.S. If you are looking for a few tips, check out the newest episode of The Lazy Genius Podcast: The Lazy Genius Puts Stuff On the Wall. 


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