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What's Been Making Me Happy

What's Been Making Me Happy

1. Cold coffee

I prefer it straight from the fridge to a mug. No ice, no straw, no fancy creamers. Just cold coffee with a little almond milk and maple syrup. I'm obsessed and also disappointed in how boring and slightly weird it is. 

2. The World Series

The Cubs haven't won the World Series since 1908, the Indians since 1948. Both are massive sports cities, so the stakes are beautifully high. I love a good championship matchup, and the slow pace of boring regular season baseball becomes dramatic and awesome in the World Series. I'm so happy watching this stuff. (Go Cubs, even though as I'm writing this, they're about to enter a must-win to not lose the series. So maybe congratulations, Indians? Also crush alert on Jake Arrieta.)

3. Spotify daily mixes

Does anyone painstakingly create playlists for every task and mood imaginable? I'd be done washing the dishes so much faster if I didn't have to make the perfect "washing dishes" playlist before I started. But Spotify has added yet another fantastic feature called "daily mixes" where they take songs that are already part of my Spotify library and put them in genre-specific lists that don't repeat from day to day. New songs get put in the rotation sometimes, too. It's great and oh so lazy genius.

4. Planning Christmas gifts

I'm giving myself plenty of grace here. I'd love to make something for every human I know, but I'm not an idiot or a superhero. Still, it's fun thinking about what I could make for the various people in my life. Cookies! Lip balm! Body butter! Baking mixes in a jar! Homemade extract! It's such dumb fun, and I love it. (I'll keep you posted on what makes the cut.)

5. The Babysitters Club Club Podcast

It's astute, hilarious, and wildly profane. Two guys dedicate a podcast episode to every single Babysitters Club book written, putting them through rigorous analysis unlike anything I've seen since my 400-level English classes. In terms of podcasts that make me laugh out loud, it's second only to The Popcast. That's incredibly high praise.

6. Avocado toast

It happens almost daily. The bread changes, the toppings change, but the toast + avocado never do. For a mom that needs something as quick as a PopTart that's not a PopTart, it's pretty darn perfect. (The picture below is definitely not as quick as a PopTart. Don't think I'm totally delusional.)

7. Hope*Writers

Last week, my husband took the morning off so that I could have more than ten twilight minutes to write. It was a glorious gift. When I left that morning "for work," my first grader asked me what I did for my job. 

"I'm a writer."

You guys, there's no way I'd be able to say that without the people behind Hope*Writers. It's an online community full of real people with real words about writerly things that are super hard to Google. If you're a writer who wants to share words that matter, there's no better place than Hope*Writers. 

If you've ever seen pictures from writing and blogging conferences and heard folks talk about the conversations in the hotel rooms that were so helpful and changed the way they do things, or if you've been in that hotel room yourself, soaking up every word, and thought, "I'm going to be heartbroken when this goes away," you should join Hope*Writers! It's that kind of thing ALL THE TIME. You get access to a site full of content you won't find anywhere else (videos, blog posts, a podcast), a live Q&A session on Facebook every week (submit your questions on Monday for a live Thursday answer), plus access to a private Facebook group with writers who are just like you. Stay on the sidelines and stalk the comments, or ask your own "hotel room" questions and get more answers than you ever thought possible. It's so worth the $18 a month it's ridiculous. It's coffee and a scone for you and that writer whose brain you've always wanted to pick, but you get the founders' four brains plus all the Facebook brains! So many brains!

If you have any questions about why Hope*Writers makes me happy and if it will make you happy, too, ask me in the comments. I'd love to help. If you want to join, click here. Plus, you get two months for free for joining for a full year. I mean come on. If I had to choose only one writing resource to the exclusion of all others, I'd choose Hope*Writers. Don't miss out if your art is words.

What's making you happy these days?

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