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When Monday Confetti Only Makes a Mess

Used with permission. Credit: Kim Bost || Flickr

Used with permission. Credit: Kim Bost || Flickr

Yesterday, I shared with The Lazy Genius Collective that we should take the time today to celebrate and throw a little confetti on our Monday's beginnings, ends, and regular middles. 

Can I be honest though? My regular middle sucks right now. I mean, yesterday's words are MY WORDS and I meant them, but reading them today kind of makes me want to set my computer on fire. Maybe you're feeling that way, too.

We all get frustrated and overwhelmed with where we are, and I want to give us all permission to set the Monday confetti on fire along with our computers if that's what we need. Whether your frustration is losing-a-job huge or these-pants-are-so-uncomfortable small, I believe the genius move is to simply be honest about it. If you want to burn all the confetti, you're allowed to say that without going to hell. If you can't stand one more platitude from a well-meaning friend, you're allowed to want to punch that person in the face. The good news? Honesty leads to a quicker path out of life as a confetti burner and into a life of being real and balanced in how we see our circumstances. 

I'm always comforted by the fact that King David, the guy who God said was "a man after my own heart," totally let God have it when he was mad. He was honest and real, and God welcomed it. Then David always came back to his central truth - that he wasn't alone. Whether you're into Jesus or not, I think the practice still works. Honesty leads to freedom. Vulnerability helps us see what's really going on. When we ignore our desire to punch and run, we go Amanda Bynes crazy, and no one wants that. Face it. Name it. Share it with someone to know you're not alone.

So be real today. If your Monday is full of confetti, own it. If you just want everyone to go away, own it. The people who love you most won't abandon you. When confetti isn't a comfort, that sure is.

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